Healthy Village Food / Cooking Winged Beans in my Village by my Mom

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19 Responses

  1. nelly nelly says:

    I been loved this channel Somebody stop the ring bell ma'am i subcribe this channel always I like your video

  2. pearldrop2 says:

    That little girl is so cute!

  3. possible video of slaughtering yoor chickens, you sparkling🐓🔪🔪

  4. I really love your videos.. I am a filipina but i like the indian food.. Thanks for sharing for this video.. Grandma you are wonderful.. And the baby girl is soo cute and lovely

  5. nurul aisyah says:

    Ilike it…😘😘😘

  6. jessie james says:

    i am sure tht tastes delicious. btw which country. the cooking ingredients are similar to indian cooking

  7. Asiya K says:

    I always see this type of vegetable in the market in my country Muscat – Oman and I think it's imported from srilanka or India. I will try to cook. Thanks for your recipe.

  8. cali rose says:

    I've never seen that type of vegetable before. This is another reason this channel is great – so many new things!

  9. Jyoti Arora says:

    I seen first time this beans,

  10. I have never seen a winged bean. They look delicious

  11. Amma….mage ammath Dambala maluwa rasata uyanawa. eka godaaaaak rasayi. kos ata kapala danawa pol kiri dala uyala themparadu karanawa. a widiyatath uyala balanna amma. oyayi kiri ammayi uyanawa balan inna mama godak asayi. Godak adareyi amma.

  12. Jimmy Feng says:

    Love your videos! Do you have a business email I can reach you at?

  13. Cindy Bowes says:

    The beans resemble sveldt grape. Very nice. Many blessings!

  14. mohd ilyas says:

    i saw first time this vegetable

  15. Mekrang nunggah tok Kcg ceper

  16. Organic fresh veggies, looks very tasty grandma.

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