Back to School Lunch Ideas with Rawvana | Vegan Panda Express

Yovana’s Back to School Lunch video:

That time Yovana & I went hiking for 5 hours ☀️ :

“Vegan Panda Express” Date Teriyaki Chickpeas:
BBQ Tempeh Sandwich “BLT”:

More back to school recipes 🌻
Back-to-School Vegan Meal Prep:
5 Minute Recipes:
Back-to-School Breakfasts:

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8 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    Congrats on your move to California!!! I would love to be there. You and rawvana are my favorites!! Love this video and your channel!!!

  2. Yay. Shout to my home town San Diego!!!!!! I really enjoy your videos. I am new to clean healthy eating and these are simple and easy to follow and tasty. Thanks

  3. SweetPotatoSoul and Rawvana!!! what??!!! and it's not even my birthday lol love u girls <3

  4. I love this channels content.
    Your webisodes are so inspirational. As a carnivore I love seeing a different point of view. Thank you for editing/ sharing your video.

  5. I love you so much girls!!! You are two or my favorites youtubers! I'm 14 and i'm Vegan since my 7 years old! All of your recipes are so amazing! You are a inspiration for me and many vegans people!! Love youuu , 😊🌞🌸❤

  6. ScarletFBL says:

    I just got finished eating my own vegan stir fry, haha. What a coincidence.

  7. Katy 99 says:

    You're amazing , thanks for these wonderful videos, every time I learn something new
    Kisses from Italy 🙂

  8. 🌱💚 wow I'm early!

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