2 easy breakfast chutney recipes | coconut chutney recipe | onion tomato chutney recipe

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9 Responses

  1. Divya Soni says:

    Hey..!! I have also made this same receipe before you in my channel too..!! (Ps:I just love your receipes☺☺☺☺)

  2. Sumit Kadam says:

    I alwz admire n follow ur recipes tomato pulao, dahi sandwich, दही कबाब फ्रेंच fries, सूजी सॅंडविच all these i m giving to my daughter in her lunch n she eats it with delight ..

  3. Sumit Kadam says:

    Is urad dal boiled or raw

  4. suma achar says:

    0.14 O my god your hand wounded…i like your dedication towards work…

  5. Aliza A says:

    by the way breakfast main kon chutney khata hai.?

  6. Hebbar please mention the mixy and the equipment names used

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