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  1. Rose Queen says:

    Low carb isn’t the way to lose weight. Just cut out white bread and pasta but whole wheat carbs r good. Vegetarian or vegan is the best for health or weight loss

  2. I loved this! Definitely do more of these!😊

  3. Logan at the end of the video πŸ˜‚

  4. Amber Hoyt says:

    Omg that looks SO GOOD! Totally trying it!

  5. That blows the cauliflower pizza crust out of the water and looks like it tastes a hell of a lot better! Can not wait to try it this weekend!

  6. Micaela Rose says:

    everything looks so yummy!!!

  7. I started laughing so hard when you pulled out your little school scissors…..mom life! Love you guys! That pizza looks really, really good. currently on a rabbit food diet

  8. J says:

    Low carb is the best when trying to lose weight. Plus, you can still eat good stuff. I'm definitely going to try your recipes. They look delicious πŸ˜›

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