5 Easy Dinners For Busy Parents

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43 Responses

  1. krushkash says:

    For "busy parents" is nothing above 1h of preparation.

  2. I'm 23 with 6 kids. I am waaaaay too busy for this… Mcdonalds it is!

  3. all of those look great

  4. uhm what is cream of chicken soup?? never seen it before or even heard of it

  5. Is any of this really healthy? There's so much cheese and taco seasonings

  6. Lucy Garcia says:

    Food looks yummy & so easy to make, now i can cook and run to the freezer or call for delivery lol

  7. Mahira Islam says:

    For busy parents….leave on high for 3 hours


  9. Do they understand what busy means

  10. mawa ali says:

    These dinners are always Diabetes or cancer food

  11. Nearly threw up. Yikes

  12. GenJea latte says:

    Was that dough in the slow cooker really cooked?

  13. Awais Khan says:

    Those meals were how every parent makes you idiots

  14. or you could make some ramen…

  15. The spaghetti taco must be from Hannah's previous video about 'saying YES to her kids'

  16. Heisenberg 2 says:

    You mean "mean" parents?

  17. These look great for parties! But for dinner…? Casseroles, pot pies, and pot roasts don't take long/much preparation if done correctly.

  18. Andrew Ross says:

    Even though the second recipe takes 4 hours, they put it in a crock pot so you could leave the food be until you needed to add biscuits

  19. the creativity u need to be on choped

  20. dope_lion says:

    They could have made spaghetti tacos with the last one

  21. Matias Nieto says:

    All look pretty bad imo

  22. you have to made tequeños, is a traditional venezuela food and basically is mozzarella sticks wrapped in dough. They are delicious i love them

  23. Make spaghetti tacos next
    Behind the Camera

  24. Kidd says:

    the taco breadsticks look amazing

  25. alexacutie says:

    How fat you tryin to make us, Buzzfeed?

  26. Tania Hummel says:

    Beef and brocoli. What a name.

  27. Gisks says:

    I screamed when they broke the spaghetti in half.

  28. olivia says:

    1:10 y'all really out here eating raw dough

  29. How times does tasty have to make BEEF BROCCOLI…

  30. Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my latest episode!!

  31. sylvia seri says:

    The chicken n biscuits one looked disgusting. The dough looked raw.

  32. Apisha Vijay says:

    "High- 3 hours" because all BUSY parents have time for that

  33. 5 Easy CHEESY dinner for busy parents
    tasty should really add Cheesy to all their titles

  34. Tom Badger says:

    Most of these looks disgusting

  35. anum bashir says:

    Could you please tell me what kind of pot is it which use use ??cooker??

  36. Mejra Nub says:

    3 hours cooking for busy parents in second recipe ?

  37. No recipes in the description box???🤔😟

  38. Taha Annasr says:


  39. no no no mamma mia no che merda!

  40. The second one took 4 hours to make..

  41. I died a lil bit inside when they broke the pasta 😟

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