Easy Pepper Pickles recipe

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  1. 66toogy says:

    Yessir… that's a pickle of a recipe! Thanks fellas.

  2. Ballin777 says:

    Hello everyone! my english is little bit. anyone tell me please: 50% water and 50% apple vinegar right? thanks already

  3. Harry Beaver says:

    Notice how all of them have bloated bellies. Eat like them and die early of a hearth attack.

  4. OZMX says:

    you guys forgot the baby corn it's amazing when pickled.

  5. hey guy thats guuud…….from Trinidad and Tobago

  6. Bryan Bauer says:

    Of a video to satisfy the vegematics

  7. that's so messed up! You could at least kill the peppers in a humain way before cutting them into pieces. SMH. unsubbing

  8. adam mac says:

    You're giving Peter Piper a run for his money!

  9. Keith Rogers says:

    Just got into pickling. SOOOO much better than store bought! Chili Pickled Onions for the win!!

  10. Everyday BBQ says:

    Never knew it could be this easy. I’m all over this!

  11. adam mac says:

    How many pickled peppers can the Pit Boys pickle, if the Pit Boys could pickle peppers?

  12. Erwin 42 says:

    Peter Piper went to the BBQ pit and picked up some jars of your pickled peppers and apologized to pick them up in front of you like it's Pitmaster's Priviledge he could not pick up.

  13. Again well done my boys. Keep up the good work my friends. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Been doing chilies like this for a while

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