3 Healthy Dinner Ideas! IN MY NEW KITCHEN!!!

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  1. shesmine 38 says:

    If I can give you a tip, tortelloni and tortellini have to be pre-cooked in boiling water for a couple of minutes (it depends on the type of pasta) and then, when they're half cooked, you put them out of the boiling water and let them cook with the sauce or whatever you want them with. We cook tortelloni/tortellini like this in Italy 😊

  2. Girl this blouse ensemble with the hair looks on point 💁🏻👌🏼

  3. You so cute, girl! I'm super excited for y'all's newest venture! And, yes, I can't wait for the tours!🍁💚🌾 Happy fall, in the south! Welcome! (I live in Alabama.:)

  4. Rachelsnails says:

    When you make Mexican rice you toast the rice before too 🤗

  5. Sorry but it is not a couscous it is berkoukes

  6. circle cubes…. seriously?

  7. I'm sooooo excited for your house tour😍💕love you soooooooooo much💕💕💕💕

  8. Luluu Fish says:

    That wasn't original Couscous, normally it looks different… 🙄 so what was it?

  9. Whyyy is everyone moving to Nashville 😩 traffic is bad enough as is… we really need a new “it” city…

  10. Alice199302 says:

    "ino" and "one" are suffixes that you add to the word "tortello" to indicate if it's small (tortellino -> plural tortellini) or big (tortellone -> tortelloni).
    I am not going to add anything else about the recipes because I wouldn't be so nice ahahahah. Just joking! But that…mozzarella (?) looked terrible, just see how hard it is… 🙁

  11. Anyone else love watching these videos, but never cooks the recipes?

  12. Please do a hair tutorial ❤️

  13. Italian lesson: 'Tortello' is the name of that pasta. (plural: Tortelli). Tortell-ini when the size are smaller (probably the most common size, outside Italy!) and Tortell-oni when they are bigger! 😀 Bye

  14. Mel S says:

    Did you follow the recipes exactly? Or did you throw in some stuff you already had?

  15. Dee Douglas says:

    Congratulations on your new home! Can't wait to see a tour. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love your stove/oven. (Is it weird to get excited about a stove?) Hope you both enjoy your new home. 😊

  16. I took advantage of the code the last time you posted a Hello Fresh video and have been making Hello Fresh meals 3X a week ever since. It has made my life much easier since I'm undergoing treatment for Lyme disease and trying to still be a wife/mom:)

  17. Absolutely LOVING your new home and all I’ve seen is the kitchen! Haha 🙈❤️ It’s gorgeous! I hope your transition from California to Nashville has been going smooth. I’d love if you made a video about how to get through moving across the country- mentally, emotionally, etc. it’s hard to move so far from family. Would love to hear your tips for a better transition! ☺️❤️ hugs!!

  18. Adela Sasu says:

    How fun! I love cooking! Also your top is super cute!

  19. Ariana wifey says:

    Nikkie u made me super hungryyyyyy

  20. Your new house is beautiful! Congrats((: Also loved the video, as always!

  21. Mia Jimin says:

    when you said hello fresh, i thought you said hella fresh

  22. JustJay says:

    I love that first meal! And your kitchen. LOL. I feel like it was designed perfectly to film videos in. XD

  23. xxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I saw that shirt on urban a few weeks ago and I thought there was no way to wear it without being too provocative so I didn’t buy it but it looks sooo cute on you!! Ordered!!!!

  24. Does she know Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian???

  25. ammiella says:

    Your hair looks so cute like this! Damn, wish I could get my curls to cooperate 😛

  26. I love how when you said winner winner and then pointed to the camera, I said chicken dinner and pointed back😂 btw, your kitchen is GORGEOUS🍃✨

  27. Maria Garcia says:

    Miranda sings, music in background. 👄👄👄👄👄

  28. Where abouts did she live before she moved to Nashville? 😊

  29. catmama54 says:

    The new kitchen is lovely and wow more amazing looking dishes.You sure can cook and I love that they aren't complicated with like a 100 ingredients.

  30. Gaolee Moua says:

    Love your new kitchen. So pretty.

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