Healthy Lunch Recipes For Losing Weight – Low Calorie & High Protein

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  1. Here are the Macros for this meal prep:
    407 calories per meal
    20.7 grams of fat per meal
    64.2 grams of protein per meal
    20.5 grams of carbs per meal
    6.2 grams of fiber per meal

    balloon whisk:

    mesh strainer:

    get my t-shirt:

    platter for salmon:

    glass meal prep containers:

    chef's knife:

    non-stick tongs:

    oil dispenser:

    wood cutting board:

    microplane zester:

  2. Awesome video Bobby!!! recipe was DELICIOUS…

  3. That cauliflower salad looks so amazing.
    I need it in my mouth like now! How perfect!

  4. FitAngie says:

    Great video thanks very much.

  5. T BLOGS says:

    I am your biggest fan from saudi arabia 😉
    I've learned a lot about healthy eating and meal prep
    thank u very much Bobby

  6. Ruby Sanchez says:

    Anything citrusy is 💣 cauliflower is to die for great job.

  7. Kai Tzing says:

    You actually listen to your audience… thx man!

  8. Just when I thought cauliflower can't get anymore exciting…I HAVE to try this version! Great recipe as always you guys😊👍

  9. I love your channel for your veggie recipes, I am trying the vegetarian route.

  10. GlmrGrl98 says:

    Love your channel!!!!

  11. I made your 3 soups everybody loved it in my family i send you an Instagram direct message you made me cook and bake for my family everybody loved the recipes that i made for them i was looking foward to you upload the video I love your videos making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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