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  1. juliezeneth says:

    this looks so delicious! can’t wait to try it

  2. i love nut milk ice cubes and this peanut butter chocolate smoothie looks so incredible!

  3. Going to get on it right now looks tasty πŸ˜›

  4. Wow this looks absolutely delicious! So good to show alternatives for iceacream!

  5. that peanut butter is next level!!! do you make it?

  6. Silke Dewulf says:

    Holy Banana Ice cream, that looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe, once I have a blender in my new apartment, this is the first thing I'll be trying 😍

  7. This looks so damn good!

  8. KendaKenda says:

    Oh my freaking gosh I need this right now! But I only have 1 ripe banana in the freezer…. I gotta stock up!!

  9. Do you make your coconut milks and almond milk? Or store bought?

  10. HannahCassel says:

    This looks amazing. Definitely what I will be raising my children on! Peanut butter is my vice!

  11. I love it! It could be possible to get the ingredients in grams(? As my ice cubes are smaller and the bananas pretty big so I’m not quite sure about the amount. Thank you so much! You help me a lot in this new vegan road!

  12. My toughest craving is donuts and my favorite dessert is cinnamon rolls

  13. Your hair looks so blonde! Love ira sneaking peanut butter..hahah

  14. PB and Chocolate are always perfect together! Looks so good!

  15. KNsurf says:

    My biggest craves are cake and ice cream! It's so hard to make a good vegan gluten free healthy cake!

  16. Omg I can't get over cookies (chocolate chips to be specific), I love eating them with oat milk. I can literally eat like 8 of them in one sitting it's crazy. I've never been much of a sweets person, I prefer savory food and maybe some dark chocolate once in a while but lately I've been craving cookies soooo much

  17. My toughest craving has been bread!!

  18. Toughest craving has to be chips or french fries πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  19. KTrips says:

    Looks Ahhhβ€”maazing 😍😍😍

  20. DE-CA-DENT omg!!!! looks amazing .. actually.. tastes amazing I tried it already hahaha! and that topping idea is so smart!

  21. My hardest craving is definitely macaroni and cheese! But also I love Thai food- red curry and phad thai. A lot of recipes call for fish sauce and I haven't been able to make one that tastes good without it!

  22. IM DROOLIN. Omg I'm in college and I don't have access to any of these things. I'm on a meal plan in a dorm…Help!

  23. Sai Bella says:

    Yum O! Do you have a video on how you make your nut milks? If not, can you share your process? Thanks………..Love your videos! -Sai 🌸

  24. sasha louise says:

    This is so awesome!!! Thank you! XOXOXOXO

  25. oreo cookie ice cream + shakes

  26. Can you make a vegan decadent chocolate cake? Spongy bottom with a frosting included ( tofu?) please ! Gracias

  27. Nicole Diego says:

    Omgg my biggest craving are snickers and choco cookies

  28. chocolate is definitely the hardest craving to beat mmmmmmmm

  29. Sophia Menzo says:

    I can't wait to try this! I usually am not the biggest fan of bananas but this sounds amazing!

  30. Asia Thomas says:

    My toughest craving to beat is macaroni and cheese! I just love all the carby goodnessπŸ˜‚ also my fav dessert is chocolate cake! Would love a vegan version!

  31. Ester S says:

    How do you replace mozzarella on pizza???😭😭😭 i can't live without it

  32. sage s says:

    this is so creamy and i've never seen anything like it! i'm definitely gonna have to try this on my cheat day πŸ˜‹

  33. do you have recipes for how you make your coconut and almond milk?

  34. YUM! Choc pb banana smoothies happen regularly at my house.

  35. That looks delicious thanks for sharing Andy Could you please tell me how you made the topping / bottom topping please? Have a good day πŸ™‚

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