6 One-Pan Chicken Dinners

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24 Responses

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    More like one-tray in the oven dinners

  2. tah22039 says:

    Just as I made up my mind to go vegan…

  3. Yummylove says:

    That's not even exactly one pan

  4. I don't think the first one truly counts as a one pan dish. They used one to do the sauce, one for the baking, and then one for the rice.

  5. Hidenshinzou says:


  6. the honey garlic one tho homg😍

  7. Red Mann says:

    2 words Food porn 👀

  8. Mariama Bah says:

    bruh can y'all please learn to season food? it's so annoying watching these videos knowing the shits gonna taste bland cause you guys are scared of some fucking seasoned salt.

  9. Miss shah says:

    Is there no concept of marination with white people?

  10. When you were putting pepper and salt on the chicken I sneezed 😂

  11. Stan Wang says:

    you are such a genius!

  12. For the first recipe I'd rather sautee or steam the veggies separately

  13. The boss 777 says:

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 FOOD YUM i want This gimmi gimmi

  14. only the last chicken was seasoned

  15. Good video! Can you make sugar fairy cookies? (I'm not sure how they're called, sorry..)

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