4 Desserts To Make With Ripe Bananas

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25 Responses

  1. I love using super ripe bananas in cake mixes and pancakes. I also freeze them for smoothes . I must try those recipes they look amazing!!!

  2. DG Tudo says:

    Hello! Very good your channel and your video! Congratulations! I wish every success!
    Your culture and language enchant me! When you have time, visit my channel! In the last video, I made Carrot Cake!
    Thank you! Success! Hugs. #dgtudo

  3. scarlett lee says:

    i was SHOOK at that first banana fact WOOOW

  4. Deepa Tandel says:

    Those black hands again!!! She makes delicious food!

  5. these bananas look perfect to me, why would anyone throw these out?

  6. cor8129 says:

    Love these simple dessert ideas.

  7. Ladybug says:


  8. LolloRosso says:

    You guys forgot banana "nice cream", which is the best. 🙂

  9. The Fergie Music – Milf $ – I Got Ripe Bananas,You Got Ripe Bananas,Ripe Bananas, Who thinks bad fuck you. I just Tell What I Feeling.

  10. Definitely got to try to banana pudding

  11. Dx XD says:

    now do the no oven video of deserts with banana

  12. xmrtnxa says:

    Americans are really scared of ripe bananas

  13. alison chu says:

    in the beginning it sounds like the Shecago song from victorious

  14. What is the name of the background music?

  15. I see brownies, I click.

  16. What about banana bread??

  17. aiNajwa JM says:

    that banana fritters is cekodok in malaysia omagad

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  19. Tia mia says:

    Those were not banana fritters

  20. icecream 18 says:

    The first one is African food

  21. hh uu says:

    OR just eat the banana fast instead —_—

  22. Can I use coconut or almond flour and coconut sugar in stead of the flour and sugar?

  23. Banana brownies, can we switch the butter with avocado from avocado brownies?

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