4 Homemade Korean-Style Dinners

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  1. Antifrost says:

    Hey everyone, it's your personal trainer Coach Kozak!


  3. Whereโ€™s the recipe? .-.

  4. Aliff Azhar says:

    That background music tho! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  5. kruton93 says:

    If you don't like things so sweet, I recommend just putting half the amount of sugar. I'm Korean but I really don't like how sweet Bulgogi normally is~

  6. Sudha Rani says:

    Boiling honey causes cancer

  7. Jade says:


  8. Mr Duckling says:

    Finally, a Korean recipe!!! And well, though I'm not a cook, I'm utterly satisfied! Thank you, Tasty!!

  9. How to make Korean food:
    1. Whatever
    2. Sesame seeds

  10. Budleee Bazz says:

    I love Korean food, chilli, garlic and spring onion.. whoo hoo

  11. Cartoon High says:

    So what I've learned from this is that every Korean dish isn't complete without sesame seeds on top.

  12. Grillos 777 says:

    Mario Sube el CAMINO

  13. porque me haces sufrir!

  14. Indra San says:

    Every Tasty comment section becomes cancer but the comments arenโ€™t in this one then, there is always that 1 person that ruins it

  15. The Blizzard says:

    bruh no kim chi shown the whole video? for shame!!

  16. Trang Thach says:

    See thumbnail mouth start to water

  17. J Delores says:

    I made the spicy stir fried pork! Delicious. Thanks Tasty.

  18. So Delicious says:

    Those ribs aren't babys

  19. LaserBucks says:

    Hell yeah, bulgogi.

  20. Sad Panda says:

    The Here is what you need" in the video description is empty again

  21. All of those Korean style food looks so delicious. Now I really need to do eat some Korean food myself

  22. marta says:

    8 garlic cloves? Do you have to kill a fucking vampire with your breath?

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