hummus recipe | hummus dip recipe | 2 ways easy hummus recipe

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26 Responses

  1. S Jain says:

    Veg Hot dog receipe please next???🙌

  2. yum !! so easy to make !!thank you so much!!

  3. where is the tahini its a must in hummus

  4. How to make spicy cheese popcorn

  5. Rik V says:

    So basically in Indian terms it is chana chutney

  6. Very nice recipe .Please make videos on weightloss recipes.

  7. what is hummus meaning????

  8. Sri Hari says:

    What is hummus?pls explain and reply

  9. Love u hebbars kitchen….😘

  10. Live life says:

    many many thanks… I have been searching this recipe from 3days.

  11. Sony sony says:

    Was jus thinking of this recipie today and u made itt😀😀

  12. In the coriander jalapeno hummus can we substitute jalapenos with green chilies. Also what oil can be used instead of olive oil.

  13. How to store it and for how many days v can store ?

  14. Manasa Sa says:

    good job archana akka

  15. Anu Radha says:

    How to use this dip?

  16. Chickpeas needs to be boiled before we grind?

  17. You cook so fast n easily… Delicious dishes…
    Thank you Maam⚘😊

  18. Nidhi Shukla says:

    Wonderful recipe good job Archana di

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