Easy And Delicious Chicken Dinners

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39 Responses

  1. Ladybug says:


  2. I loved the cheddar chicken

  3. Derpetti says:

    No cream, no deep frying, and no excess amounts of cheese…
    Are y'all okay, Tasty?

  4. Bearpigman says:

    Not a single PUBG strat….

  5. Chicken + some good vegetables = the bomb! I actually made the Baked Chicken Fries along
    with some veggies for my little one, and she loved it 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Zarin Tasnia says:

    I hate Broccoli….yeeaak

  7. Mubarak Abdi says:

    Well tasty has officially ran out of ideas

  8. Tasty:We need 50 chicken breasts,NOW.Me:Rly u hav a lot of money you can buy a axe for 100$

  9. Liljeborg says:

    Anyone seen the small hands? Must be Deadpool cooking for us 😉

  10. Those chicken breasts look so chubby and cute. Dont judge me….

  11. I just realise there is 2 set of hands making these meals in the video

  12. cher m says:

    Whats seasoned salt??

  13. Maheen Saad says:

    I think we should buy a ship load of chicken breasts

  14. Gage Luis says:

    1/4 look good, terrible video

  15. dbev519 says:

    When that child sprinkled mozzarella like a damn caveman and it wasn't burnt on the pan upon finishing, I was rather irked

  16. Tina Jeannie says:

    Yummy 😋😋😋 Kisses from my channel 😘😘😘

  17. I made your potato casserole for my family and they loved it. I really love your videos and I'm glad you post mutiple times a day. My dad is a chef so he teaches me a lot and I want to work in his resturaunt. I want it to be my first job.


  19. Lucy Garcia says:

    These chicken dinners look so easy to make thank you, now i have some ideas for what to make

  20. Orochi Tube says:

    black people's wet dream

  21. Stan Day6 says:

    I think I’ll cook the last one. It seems the easiest for me.

  22. Random DuDe says:

    I didnt cook these because I CHICKENED out

  23. Exept the pasta one they are almost the same

  24. Alexandre says:

    seriously, am I the only one who noticed the cretins who make these cancer format videos ARE FUCKING WITH ADDING CHEESE TO ANYTHING??

  25. Nanii 11 says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  26. lstarrb says:

    As she cuts that chicken I realize how dull and awful my knives are..

  27. kyrios0307 says:

    Is it just me or they just ruin every recipe by putting cheese on almost everything they cook?

  28. Amaria H says:

    does chicken flavored noodles count bc thats what im eating

  29. The only time winner winner chicken dinner is relevant

  30. Slim Rezk says:

    May i ask something? I know you would say "ARE YOU DUMB!?" but how do i marinate chicken?

  31. You guys should make THIT KHO!!

  32. ok lol says:

    i went to popeyes monday night and now i have food poisioning so no chicken for me for a while! but i made the chicken parm strips for dinner one night with a copy cat recipe of buca di peppo’s spicy rigatoni and it was sooo good 😩😩

  33. every time you cook pasta in milk, somewhere an Italian dies please stop

  34. Alex Terry says:

    Let the kids use the knives for once

  35. Loll Pop says:

    Omg the kid knows how to crack eggs better than me

  36. Jason Zimmer says:

    The first ones look a little dry…

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