Low Carb Desserts for Fall! Healthy Gluten Free & Keto Recipes – Mind Over Munch

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40 Responses

  1. This is amazing but i hate cakey brownies

  2. Rawrishface says:

    Would like to know the carbs for both

  3. Hey Alyssia! I love your vids! Could you please do a vid someday about sweeteners and explain the pros and cons of each and any issues like "causes X in some people — like tummy issues or whatever"? e.g. stevia, sugar, honey, maple syrup, erythritol, and whatever other ones are out there? Also comparing the tastes! Some might be awesome nutritionally but the taste is not great, like to me, stevia has a bitter/odd taste so I have to mix it with some regular sugar, but it does allow me to reduce the sugar by a lot. thanks! 🙂

  4. Anaïs Verny says:

    For the eggs are they supposed to be large sized ? Thanks

  5. Kalynn says:

    Your channel is so awesome. I love how you have vegan/keto/GF/healthy in general. You really cover all the bases. PLUS you make me laugh with your intros and extras 🙂 Keep it up <3

  6. Dana Majors says:

    Omg i just found your channel yeah. So making some of your recipes . My kids will love the cookies

  7. i was not prepared for that amazing intro omg

  8. R Oki says:

    Those scones looked delicious!

  9. R Oki says:

    Rockem sockem bots!!!!! Oh the smiles you just put on my face!

  10. BreezyArtist says:

    Yay! I'm on Keto! More low carb please… and it would be helpful to say how many net carbs are in each recipe aswell if you can.

  11. #mindovermunch wow I love these recipes, but my husband is allergic to Almonds can I substitute coconut flour or whole wheat flour instead? And if so do I use the same portions?

  12. Hi! I adore your videos!! Can use dextrose on keto? I watched your sugar 101 vid but it wasn't mentioned. Does anyone know?

  13. R Re says:

    jawesome introduction…street sharks

  14. lizrael says:

    There's nothing unhealthy about gluten unless you have Celiac disease. Stop demonizing gluten – it's simply a wheat protein.

  15. Please do a healthy takeaway

  16. At first I thought the intro was some kinda ad…

  17. Can we use a flax egg?
    How about coconut sugar?

  18. I know this is THE most unoriginal comment ever, but lady, your intros are BOMB!

  19. 6C World says:

    I love you and your channel alyssia 😍😘

  20. Alice Alice says:

    " no dairy " ..puts egg in cookies .,well done

  21. 6C World says:

    Hahaha that's crazy

  22. plush furr says:

    I luv almond butter cookies. I substitute egg for flaxegg. So yummy

  23. plush furr says:

    That wuz an awesome intro!!!! Luv the desserts too😍

  24. Sunia D says:

    I love these videos, if only for the openings aha

  25. King Zeke says:

    I don't like artificial sweeteners at all since they have a weird taste but I really want to use white sugar. Is honey ok to use?

  26. Can we replace eggs with something

  27. Toriii_XOXO says:

    Not tryna hate, but how are the pumpkin scones dairy free if milk is added in the icing?

  28. Your recipe doesn't specify how much canned pumpkin. Could you confirm?

  29. A Thorne says:

    Do you have any nut free deserts?

  30. Another great start and great video! I would love that you continue with low carbs videos sooo much!

  31. Bella says:

    I love you so much for those low carb recipes lately. I was diagnosed with PCOS and its very hard for me to eat low carb but your meals are very good, thank you

  32. I've got a sweet tooth but I'm trying to cut on the carbs so these are perfect 💜

    But is there any way to make almond flour?

  33. juliagraph says:

    Yaaaaay thanks for these!

  34. Alie Makk says:

    Wait, scones that have milk in the glaze are dairy free??? Serious?

  35. jenriv89 says:

    YEEESSSS! This is the video I suggested/requested the other day! I can’t wait to try these recipes. Knockout job on the intro as per usual…

    I’ll show myself out

  36. Could you check out low carb bread with yeast. Looks like apple cider vinegar makes it rise, there is so much info and then no way to know what is a good recipe.

  37. Lenore Peer says:

    You the best!!! Please do a Keto bread recipe

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