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Ribbon Pakoda – Ottu pakoda is easy, and healthy tea time or after school snack. The ribbon in this Ribbon pakoda or ribbon murukku got its name may be because it is in the shape of ribbon which reminds me of our childhood, used to wear colored ribbons to the jaDe (braids) 🙂
RIbbon pakoda is deep fried snack made with rice flour and besan. Compared to store bought snacks like kurkure or chips or any other fried snacks to kids, making this pakoda is very easy and can be stored for a month. Great for festivals like navaratri deepavaLi and best tea time snack.
1 cup rice flour
¾ cup kadle hittu/ Chana besan
2 pinches of hing
1 tbsp butter
¾ tsp salt or salt to taste
½ to ¾ tsp pepper powder
little turmeric powder
oil to fry
around ¾ cup water
chalki press with ribbon pakoda disc.

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