3 Baked Potato Recipes!

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22 Responses

  1. Oh-Momma, I wish you were my Momma~

  2. Could you do some vegans recipes? Please 🙏

  3. Love all of them! ^_^ I have to make the french onion one, On a sweet potato. 🙂

  4. erika croft says:

    I love all your videos and seriously enjoy simply watching you cook. Yet a lot of your videos have cheese as a main component. Can you make some with out cheese please?

  5. Very nice and easy recipes! Loved it!

  6. Nay says:

    Potatoes. The perfect boyfriend replacement, after Mac and cheese.

    By the way…I really needed you to put butter on the first potato. I haven't seen the others yet. 😂

    Nope…no butter again…😂

    And again. OK so yeah…love the idea…but personal preference I guess…even with those toppings the potato looks dry 😕 swimming in a sauce or chili or something…maybe I can deal. But i need each layer seasoned and touched by god. 😂 when you don't…once you get beyond the toppings…you get a tasteless bland potato.

  7. OMG it's after 10pm in Poland now and I'm really craving these potatoes 😀

  8. Mmmmm. Pizza potatoes!!! That's a great idea!

  9. Mmmm…these look sooo awesome, easy & super yummy!! Definately, definately going to give these a try. Sarah…yr top looks sooo beautiful..👍 Have a Super Thursday!!

  10. I would recommend not putting salt on the potatoes before you put them in the oven. It will dry the skin out ☺️

  11. DeCora says:

    These are amazing, when you're on a budget. My college dorm kitchen is mostly full of these ingredients anyway!❤😊

  12. Janene Baps says:

    Yummy! My fave topping is taco style 🙂
    Do you think its possible to pre-cook the potatoes at the beginning of the week, to save time? Also how long would I have to reheat them for?

  13. Umm can I just say I love how you keep us veggies in mind

  14. Hi, Sara Lynn. Your baked potatoes look beautiful, and your pink outfit is über adorable. You really bring a lot of sunshine into my day. You are one of the most lovable and inspiring cooks in the world.

  15. Hope Son says:

    I recommended this on another one of your videos!! Love baked potatoes! Thanks for this.

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