9 Desserts for Peanut Butter Lovers

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38 Responses

  1. Nig Man says:

    Are there any peanut butter substitutes so I can try these recipes without swelling my throat shut?

  2. I wonder if the ice cream is any good.

  3. The music fit well with the video


  5. Honestly that looks like a LOT of powdered sugar..

  6. hl Dennis says:

    I'm a peanutbutteraholic

  7. Made me so hungry wanted it so bad 😍😍

  8. Can you guys please also check out 'sikia cooking' YouTube channel. It's a food channel that started recently. They have easy to make traditional recipes and taste delicious too🤤 it would mean if you check out the videos please😊 thank you🙏🏼

  9. Zane Tormey says:

    Every episode is like something to make with cream cheese in it


  11. It was so funny when a child was doing mistake in vedio

  12. Rajani Singh says:

    superb tasty ..😙😃

  13. andadzanujaz says:

    I see peanut butter videos, i fap

  14. I lovw how you let your little kid help you ^^

  15. Choi Heyhoon says:

    OMG the last one killed me !!!

  16. Space Girl says:

    I've never taste peanut butter before. Is it really good??

  17. 9 desserts for diabetes lovers lol

  18. OH MY !!!!!!!Love it !!!!!!!

  19. I am one of these lovers, thanks!

  20. Idek know why I'm watching this I have a peanut allergy…

  21. Snow murphy says:

    My brother has a peanut allergy and i could hear his stomach……

    Sorry bro..❤️❤️❤️

  22. My boyfriend is very allergic to peanut butter. Which means i can have all the peanut butter cookies to myself..hahahaha

  23. Farha Jabin says:

    I hardly see a peanut butter recipe without chocolate….

  24. I don’t like peanut butter but I love almond butter, so I might make these recipes with almond butter instead.

  25. Phan Trash says:

    The day Tasty stop re-uploading is the day pigs fly….

  26. Poonam GuptA says:

    l feel sad for people who have peanut butter allergy 😢😢😢😢

  27. Metherel says:

    Why do I always watch these before bed 😪

  28. The little baby hand messing up the cookie!! My heart can’t take it 😩💕💕

  29. why am I watching this i'm allergic to peanuts

  30. tasty should do a cream cheese brownie swirl

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