4 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes

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24 Responses

  1. Yaapesta says:

    You make some damn good recipes Mighty Mike.

  2. liam readle says:

    Your not Gordon Ramsay ffs, running out of ideas here man, stick to bicep curl videos

  3. Fraser Aiken says:

    More cooking videos please!

  4. Liam says:

    The new masterchef?

  5. Omega Lite says:

    How long do we keep them in the oven for?

  6. iluvmym4 says:

    Damn Bro!!! Your a F- ing chef 👨‍🍳
    That was amazing 😉

  7. Kiez says:

    you need to make a cook book

  8. n7tunnels says:

    Hi Mr Thurston, do you cut your own hair?

  9. Sundays are meal prep day for me, so perfect timing. Thank you for this, Mike.

  10. burlhorse89 says:

    love that you keeping it simple with the ingredients

  11. Cahst Evolve says:

    Song choice on point!!

  12. This was really really good keep'em coming

  13. Josh Medina says:

    Make tasty recipes for brown rice

  14. Matt M says:

    Awesome video. Made me famished. Gonna start calling you Escoffier

  15. Wes Chambers says:

    hey Mike, those recipes look really good!! we do make bacon wrapped boneless skinless chicken breast stuff with ricotta cheese, spinach and cherry tomatoes (the sun dried tomatoes look yummy too). i have a few recipes i could add to your repertoire. one of brazilian chicken with coconut milk, and the other is spinach salad chicken bake. it isn`t really a spinach salad, you fry some onions and add spinach leaves to the pan and let the spinach cook until it wilts. after the chicken, which has a honey mustard type glaze all over it, comes out of the oven, put a spoonful or 2 of the spinach over each piece of chicken. i like to serve it on a bed of chicken flavored rice. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  16. Djmike Lost says:

    Just what I needed thx.

  17. Marcus PG says:

    That chicken with the Bacon and Cheese looked pretty damned good…not if you're on a 'cut' mind. Lol, you obviously shop at Sainsbury's as I buy the exact same brands e.g. that Peanut flour and the spices! 🙂

  18. Mr Blacky says:

    Nice video Mike, myb u can show us some Rice tips and tricks?

  19. loke294 says:

    Thanks for the great content, keep up the good work

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