Epic 6 Ingredient Chicken Meal Prep – Easy & Healthy Recipe for Chicken

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    Here are the Macros:
    505 calories per meal
    19.4 grams of fat per meal
    53 grams of protein per meal
    30.6 grams of carbs per meal
    2.4 grams of fiber per meal

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  2. Mama Doortje says:

    Lemon or Lime should be a kitchen staple just like coconut milk lol!

  3. Mmmmm! You have me craving curry now!

  4. Chan says:

    Looks fucking fantastic. Where did you get your frozen brown rice??

  5. OMG this looks so good! Im deff cooking this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I love me some curryyyyy

  6. Great vid! I'd love to see another vegetarian meal prep please!

  7. Dude, your channel is gold!

  8. Harrrgh says:

    I'm late but I've arrived to Flavcity for another delicious looking meal prep. Definitely gonna make this and will hold the rice. Thanks Bobby!

  9. Im going to try this on my next meal prep

  10. Kori Skene says:

    Ooh this looks amazing! Definitely one of my favourite recipes of yours. Have you ever done a healthier, flavourful version of mashed potatoes? If not it would be great to see.

  11. dude, i wish i could hire you to cook for me for free

  12. etdxx9848 says:

    Awesome recipe! Looks so good and easy!

  13. 6 ingredient meal with the words chicken, coconut and curry present? I'm in!!

  14. Omg looks so delicious. Luv your recipes'. I entered your giveaway, I don't have FB do I still qualify to win? Btw congratulations on your trip to the Rachael Ray show🤗

  15. January 5th says:

    Ahh… I'm so happy you made this, Bobby! This is actually how we make Filipino curry! I had all the ingredients already. The only difference is we add carrots and potatoes along with peppers. But I def want to try it with the sugar snap peas!

  16. ckrtom2 says:

    Nice Rachel Ray appearance sir! I haven't seen or watched her in years. She's filled out and slowed down a little lol. Uh oh…Secret's out that kale is economical; now those bastards are gonna raise prices. I cook and freeze my own brown rice…Vinegar is a good idea. (If you can use vinegar why not garlic?) Maybe just need a qualifier in the title; something snappy…I could't think of anything…("6 MAIN ingredients"…) I know, so technical, and of course you'd be worried people would be rolling their eyes and whining if you don't pick the right word/s, lol. I enjoy and appreciate these Friday videos. I hope likewise for you with my taking the time to comment. 🙂

  17. Congrats on going on the Rachel Ray show!

  18. Curry with coconut milk is a staple in my home. Sometimes curry alone is used, up to almost 4 times a week…tradition😊.
    This honestly looks super delicious😋👌. I'm craving curried chicken now. Great recipe you guys. Hope Desi likes it☺👍

  19. myong2206 says:

    madras is not pronounced madres, but "mud-rahs" 🙂

  20. Bobby, if you love crunch than don’t add the bell pepper so early on in the cook! Just add it as a finisher and let the heat of the dish go through it. Amazing flavour and crunch!!!

  21. This looks delicious 😋. I agree. Vinegar should NOT be counted as an ingredient. Although I have those 3 vinegars… and maybe 3 others. Malt vinegar is WAY to pungent. Used it for a carne asada marinade but it completely over powered the meat. What about a recipe for Chile Rellenó? Give it your FlavCity spin.

  22. I support your recipe, Bobby! 😉 I would love to see some Halloween Meal Prep!

  23. Mae Karma says:

    I’m trying to get my fiancé into healthy food and I’m definitely try this recipe! He absolutely loves curry.

  24. Nice tip for the brown rice, I make my own brown rice in big batches.

  25. Mona Schiavo says:

    I would like to enter for the give away.

  26. Gil Jimenez says:

    Bobby, you are awesome! Loved that Rachel Ray clip! So well deserved brother!

  27. Yaaayy!! It's Friday! ❤❤❤ my wish this Christmas is for you Bobby to upload atleast 2 times a week. 😁😁🙏🙏 amen! 😜

    P.S I know you're busy. I'm just wishing this will come true. 😂 ✌

  28. Just G says:

    good lookin chickin….spices should not count as ingredients.

  29. I found your channel because of your segment with Rachael Ray. This looks delicious! Love your meal prep videos!

  30. What would be good here instead of peas?

  31. Yanni Yousuf says:

    Looks good will try out one of these days and see.

  32. Tiramisu says:

    Right up my alley!❤

  33. Racheal Ray! You and Dessi are awesome!

  34. i3abikay says:

    I love Rachel Ray! I hope you get to appear on her show again 🙂 Congrats, Bobby!!!

  35. i3abikay says:

    Thanks for another awesome recipe but I can use full fat coconut milk, right? I'm not into this light/fat-free stuff.

  36. sasayaki says:

    That doesn't look weird at all. It's that one skillet meal but colorful and without the creamed soup.

  37. i just made your cheesy bread rolls for the fourth time it is still baking in the oven i will take photo when it come out of the oven i miss your facebook live again yesterday i didnt have tapioca starch or veggie oil for the cheesy bread rolls but i use 1 quail egg and 1 duck egg and oilve oil and rice flour btw your videos making me hungry and licking your videos off my computer screen Thanks Ramya

  38. Glad to see a minimal ingredient recipe. Also glad to see concerns for pantry budget.

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