6 Vegetarian Breakfasts

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  1. Who the efin motherfucker told eggs were vegetarian? Huh? EF U guys! Come fight me anyone who tells eggs are vegetarian n i'll take you out even though i'm a girl!

  2. Fortifyman says:

    For your information :
    Vegetarian=/= vegan

  3. How can egg be vegetarian

  4. 😭😭😭😭first one has 🍳 egg 😡😡

  5. There are different types of vegetarians. Some eat eggs, others eat dairy products and so on. Vegetarian just means are person who doesn't eat meat (also could be a person who doesn't eat red meat). They used the most common interpretation of the word vegetarian, and that's okay, because it's an umbrella term.

  6. I didn't know that egg is included in vegetarian!!!! XD. Best it should be titled 6 Best Breakfasts

  7. L.D - R.H says:

    Looks like this is my first time to appreciate vegetarian food for once…… Oh wait, i mixed up Vegan with Vegetarian again

  8. No eggs plz I am hindu vegetarian

  9. o t says:

    Who the fuck eats a chocolate muffin for breakfast??? That's just dumb.

  10. There are different types of Vegetarians
    1. Lacto Ovo Vegetarians – Eat egg & dairy products (Western definition of Vegetarian)
    2. Ovo Vegetarians – Eat egg and not dairy
    3. Lacto Vegetarians – Eat Honey + Dairy Products only (Eastern definition, for these people Eggs are considered Non-Vegetarian)
    So, people commenting about eggs being not vegetarian are the 3rd kind. They're not Vegans either.
    Vegans – No animal by products
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  11. So Delicious says:

    When you watch this video and your not vegetarian but you still want to eat it
    #vegetariannot #tasty

  12. deliscious 7 says:

    im usually not a veggie friend but damn!

  13. vegetarians don't eat eggs.

  14. In what universe is egg a vegetable?

  15. Made the mug muffin this morning. Was so good! Thanks, Tasty!

  16. Haha fail
    The first recipe is not vegetarian!
    Egg is non veg

  17. uni corn says:

    Let me ask you the world's easiest question and the stupidest:-)
    What is the difference between a vegan and a veganitarian?
    Let me know your answers ♥♡♥and plz no hate

  18. Egg is not vegetarian in India 😑😑😐

    Its not vegetarian in reality too because it does not come from Plants 😕😶
    Also u are kiling baby of hen 😫

  19. Jayne Kerger says:

    Or you just make pancakes without the bacon?

  20. abasapure says:

    Hold on eggs are considered vegetarian?!?!

  21. Vegetarians don't eat egg

  22. suja nair says:

    Hey vegetarians don't eat eggs. Where the heck did u get this recipes from????

  23. if a person eats egg then i don't know why do those people call themselves vegetarian


  25. mia mia says:

    or you no,
    or any thing else we eat normal food too

  26. Any savoury Breakfasts for vegetarians??

  27. mahima mr says:

    The recipes are really good but some dont consider egg as veg

  28. Pihu Saurabh says:

    Why are there eggs if it's vegetarian?

  29. I love this video and It looks really good but as a vegetarian I isn't so hard to just take the meat out of things🤣 but thanks for the effort

  30. I dont see how pancakes are not vegetarian

  31. shreya says:

    I still don't get how egg is considered vegetarian 😐

  32. Eggs come from an animal!!!!! How can that be veg?

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