A Tour Of Delicious Asian-Inspired Dinner Recipes

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22 Responses

  1. denay vonte says:

    prepares grocery list

  2. Oh that's a butter chicken. It's nice to see Indian recipes coming on Tasty. Thank you Tasty…

  3. Jessie Roche says:

    These recipes look Tasty

  4. Katherine K says:

    this music is cringy

  5. Jonathan J. says:

    Tasty needs to make egg foo young!!!

  6. Mary fygi says:

    Thak you now i am hungry plus its night

  7. W Rauqah says:

    Notification squad

  8. speech free says:

    Isn't this cultural appropriation?

  9. Mint_Pickles says:

    Guys the pineapple at 0:15 has flesh oh my god plant cruelty nobody eat anything it’s all cruel

  10. I m Asian

  11. Ray says:

    That trash Asians call "food" is so disgusting they need to mask the taste by adding a shit ton of spices and condiments that give you fucking explosive diarrhea no wonder indians need bidets in their bathrooms haha otherwise they'd need to take a shower after every meal gives them the runs 😂😆

  12. jazzy jas says:

    why do they ALWAYS make butter chicken when it comes to indian food? i’ve seen the same recipe at least 4 times.

  13. I can't stand the the way they put eggs in fried rice.

    g r o s s

  14. TrashBag says:

    Wait how was this Asian again?

  15. Shang Jamil says:

    I like these international recipes from tasty, especially when they cook it perfectly 😉

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