Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas for School, Work & Kids

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  1. I love youuu!! and all your recipes of course jajaja

  2. For the sweet potato wrap can you use regular potatoes like red potatoes? I happen to be allergic to sweet potato that's why I am wondering.

  3. Vivvy says:


  4. wow meal #2 was like 90% carbs… I know carbs aren't the enemy, but surely a nutritionist would put together a more balanced meal? I mean sweet potato, a tortilla, quinoa, oats, fruit, AND a clif bar loaded with sugar???

  5. Amber Cage says:

    Where do u get the bento

  6. love the thermos! where is it from?

  7. Laura Elise says:

    I cannot wait to make that soup!!!

  8. Katie Grace says:

    the soup sounds amazing!

  9. Ellie Nash says:

    awesome video girl!!! Dumb question, but for overnight oats do you cook them first?

  10. I would like to know your daily calorie intake, because I always see you eat a lot (no judge) and that you keep your figure, I'm sure I'm no the only one that want to know that))):

  11. Toni Dill says:

    You should also include where you bought the cute containers

  12. Smarty Art says:

    Yessss I love these videos

  13. Tae Yoon says:

    The soup looked amazing 😍😍

  14. Pearl Tyson says:

    The teddy bear toast reminded me of pick up lime's bear toast as well

  15. Hailey W. says:

    Hey Liv! Just wanted to say that in class yesterday we watched a couple of your videos because we are doing a vegan class challenge 🙂 Yeah, just thought that was cool lol. When your video opening came up i was like "hey it's Liv! I love Liv!" 🙂

  16. Yes do more of these and maybe do vegan dinner ideas that be a great idea

  17. Sara Emily says:

    That's actually a yam, not a sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are white or purple.

  18. Some schools are nut free??

  19. Lisa Carina says:

    the wrap looks amazing

  20. HeyLupe says:

    As a vegan parent thank you!!!

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