EASY Vegan Recipes: Pumpkin Spice Protein Balls

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35 Responses

  1. Genavieve C says:

    Yum!! I need to make those !!
    Also, Are you and Carli still even dating ?

  2. k.mariee_xo says:

    This reminds me of timbits! I'd love to try make this! Please more recipe videos! I feel I'm not preparing good enough food since becoming vegan! I need inspiration..

  3. Star says:

    I will definitely try to make these for my mom, she loves dates and pumpkin

  4. Galaxy Girl says:

    Great balls, Brett! 😄😌

  5. Hey Brett! Could I do this using just a blender?

  6. Roxy Juarez says:

    thank u for this video! 🙂 – fellow vegan

  7. Dark Leaves says:

    Damn those look good. Might have to steal this 😉 But also your arms tho! Holy crap haha

  8. Diana Smith says:

    Okay I need a food processor…

  9. What is the brand of the pumpkin seed protein powder?!

  10. Wolf Moon says:

    Great recipe! The carrot is a great idea. Thanks!

  11. KJ Mammy says:

    Brett your recipes are always amazing 💛

  12. where s the pumpkin…lol

  13. @brettcapp sticky balls ….. pause ..lol

  14. Yum, these look really good!

  15. I always love to hear you talk and see your smile through out….but this was a good way to 💃 it out and cook! Fun xoxo

  16. Brett is helping to change lives…one sticky ball at a time! 😉😃 great recipe!

  17. Your cooking skills are so satisfying to watch lol

  18. K Yan says:

    Omg definitely trying this

  19. Sean Lunny says:

    They look amazing and seem super simple to make. I can't wait to try. I died at the #saltbae imitation.

  20. D H says:

    Those look incredible and terribly clever. If I could offer some helpfulness, you might want to practice curling your fingertips under your knuckles on the hand that's stabilizing the food that you're chopping with a chef's knife. Could save you from chopping off more than you want to…..

  21. This looks so good! One thing I love about your recipes is you incorporate so many different foods into them that you would never think of adding. Thanks for another great recipe, can't wait to try it.

  22. Jyang Liska says:

    Getting pretty good with them knife skills Brett. Keep it Up!

  23. Also, Does anyone know about cooking with ghee?

  24. You had me at pumpkin 🍊🍊🍊🍊!!!!Keep spreading the vegan love! I am totally making these for my after workout snack next week.

  25. Celina Bond says:

    i miss you talking us through the steps! i like your voice/personality better than the music 🙂

  26. Great video- going to try out this recipe! I wanted to ask if had some tips for transitioning into being a vegan? My 15 year old daughter wants to try it out. Thanks so much!

  27. These look bomb 😍🎃

  28. these look great but…you forgot the pumpkin…probably could have used pumpkin instead of carrots 🙃

  29. Raw GLow says:

    Such a hot guy! ❤️

  30. Megan Kohl says:

    looks delicious ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Casey Sloan says:

    Has he shared a video or info on the food processor he uses??

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