DIY BUTTER SLIME TWO WAYS! – Super easy slime recipe

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  1. Itzz Graceee says:

    January 2017 : "I love fluffy slime" -Andrea
    October 2017 : "I just don't like fluffy slime" -Andrea

  2. SeeMurse says:

    thx so much!!! but instead of shaving cream (Didn't have any right now…) I just used a little bit of Wiped cream xD

  3. Amanda OMG says:

    🙂 the first way I loved it the second way is great but not home stuff so yea but i liked the video !

  4. Jahi Ahlvers says:

    i know how you feel i get barely any sleep

  5. Instead of cornstarcg

  6. Hi Andrea I was wondering if you can use baby powder

  7. My friend said I can't get more then 20 like can you guys give me at least 20 likes

  8. Just wondering😛😝😂 do you get your clay on Amazon or what store normally??? Please answer 💖 P.S. I think your Slimes are amazing and your awesome!!!!

  9. If you live in the UK you can go to Tiger and use their "clay" it comes with 4 small tubs (different colours) for £1.

  10. Pan Ruxin says:

    If Andrea 'REALLY' likes her fans, she would pin this. (Btw u don't have to Andrea! I love ya vids soo much ❤️❤️)

  11. how do you buy any of your slimes??? they are so good!!! your so pretty ♥️😍😍😍

  12. tyne upton says:

    I love cotton candy slime

  13. blorptube says:

    I don't get how when you make slime it's perfect, but when I make slime it's either rock hard or liquid😂😂

  14. for the first slime do you have to put shaving cream?

  15. I don't have shaving cream is that ok if I skip that step

  16. Oroos Aslam says:

    Make butter slime 🤗😐

  17. She asked for 500 likes, well…….

    She got 100,000

  18. Lei Lei 23 says:

    And here's some poking for u guys!…… WITH NO FREAKING SOUND??!!!!

  19. this is awful me and my friend fail at this cool slime

  20. Katiexnne 7 says:

    do you have club thumbs

  21. Can you use baby powder

  22. Thanks for your videos i love your slime ! You should do a rose gold slime.

  23. Misha Tabba says:

    i looooooooooovvvvvveeeeee pastel colored slime and especially butter slime

  24. Mia Payette says:

    Is it me or… her hair bothers me…like it's not BRUSHED 😂😫😩

  25. Skater 01 says:

    Problem with UK,

    Daiso Clay – Same day / Next day delivery from Amazon.
    Elmer's Glue – 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. -_-

  26. Now she reached 100,001 likes…

  27. i love pastel to the slimes were so beautiful

  28. Can u substitute flower for cornstarch?

  29. PGLays says:

    Any glue with PVA works

  30. Phoenix Cam says:

    FINALLY!! You are the only youtuber that I have watched that LOVES pastel

  31. Basinu says:

    Daiso clay is at Michael's and it's at El Greco.

  32. Pia Ferguson says:

    1hack glue hair mousse cornstarch baby powder and activator after put clay or model magic for a butter slime

  33. Lydia Allen says:

    Hilarious how someone who doesn't get enough sleep, gets bags under their eyes, when they don't know what it's like to have natural bags 24/7.

  34. missisis7 AJ says:

    Not to hate but can you not speak so much in the beginning ty

  35. I know this was along time ago but your nails were slaying in the vid.

  36. Izzy Tastic says:

    It's funny how she didn't know what butter slime was because I'm watching in October 2017🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 -Izzy

  37. Dulce Maria says:

    I still don't watch this HOPEFULLY this is not a waste of my TIME

  38. I wanna see someone spread butter Slime on real bread

  39. I like you blue butter slime betterp

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