DIY BUTTER SLIME TWO WAYS! – Super easy slime recipe

Sorry for the lateeeee uploads this week guys. I’m switching from a Windows computer to my new MacBook and everything is going wrong lol I hope you like these slimes anyways though, because they’re really awesome! They’re different than any other slimes I’ve made! Super stretchy and fluffy, these butter slimes are an awesome mix of clay and squishy slime texture. I believe the original creator was @slime_og, but it’s kinda hard to tell. These are recipes I’ve adjusted based on what I LIKE 🙂


I hope you like it!

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44 Responses

  1. Itzz Graceee says:

    January 2017 : "I love fluffy slime" -Andrea
    October 2017 : "I just don't like fluffy slime" -Andrea

  2. SeeMurse says:

    thx so much!!! but instead of shaving cream (Didn't have any right now…) I just used a little bit of Wiped cream xD

  3. Amanda OMG says:

    🙂 the first way I loved it the second way is great but not home stuff so yea but i liked the video !

  4. Jahi Ahlvers says:

    i know how you feel i get barely any sleep

  5. Instead of cornstarcg

  6. Hi Andrea I was wondering if you can use baby powder

  7. My friend said I can't get more then 20 like can you guys give me at least 20 likes

  8. Just wondering😛😝😂 do you get your clay on Amazon or what store normally??? Please answer 💖 P.S. I think your Slimes are amazing and your awesome!!!!

  9. If you live in the UK you can go to Tiger and use their "clay" it comes with 4 small tubs (different colours) for £1.

  10. Pan Ruxin says:

    If Andrea 'REALLY' likes her fans, she would pin this. (Btw u don't have to Andrea! I love ya vids soo much ❤️❤️)

  11. how do you buy any of your slimes??? they are so good!!! your so pretty ♥️😍😍😍

  12. tyne upton says:

    I love cotton candy slime

  13. blorptube says:

    I don't get how when you make slime it's perfect, but when I make slime it's either rock hard or liquid😂😂

  14. for the first slime do you have to put shaving cream?

  15. I don't have shaving cream is that ok if I skip that step

  16. Oroos Aslam says:

    Make butter slime 🤗😐

  17. She asked for 500 likes, well…….

    She got 100,000

  18. Lei Lei 23 says:

    And here's some poking for u guys!…… WITH NO FREAKING SOUND??!!!!

  19. this is awful me and my friend fail at this cool slime

  20. Katiexnne 7 says:

    do you have club thumbs

  21. Can you use baby powder

  22. Thanks for your videos i love your slime ! You should do a rose gold slime.

  23. Misha Tabba says:

    i looooooooooovvvvvveeeeee pastel colored slime and especially butter slime

  24. Mia Payette says:

    Is it me or… her hair bothers me…like it's not BRUSHED 😂😫😩

  25. Skater 01 says:

    Problem with UK,

    Daiso Clay – Same day / Next day delivery from Amazon.
    Elmer's Glue – 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. -_-

  26. Now she reached 100,001 likes…

  27. i love pastel to the slimes were so beautiful

  28. Can u substitute flower for cornstarch?

  29. PGLays says:

    Any glue with PVA works

  30. Phoenix Cam says:

    FINALLY!! You are the only youtuber that I have watched that LOVES pastel

  31. Basinu says:

    Daiso clay is at Michael's and it's at El Greco.

  32. Pia Ferguson says:

    1hack glue hair mousse cornstarch baby powder and activator after put clay or model magic for a butter slime

  33. Lydia Allen says:

    Hilarious how someone who doesn't get enough sleep, gets bags under their eyes, when they don't know what it's like to have natural bags 24/7.

  34. missisis7 AJ says:

    Not to hate but can you not speak so much in the beginning ty

  35. I know this was along time ago but your nails were slaying in the vid.

  36. Izzy Tastic says:

    It's funny how she didn't know what butter slime was because I'm watching in October 2017🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 -Izzy

  37. Dulce Maria says:

    I still don't watch this HOPEFULLY this is not a waste of my TIME

  38. I wanna see someone spread butter Slime on real bread

  39. I like you blue butter slime betterp

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