Fish Taco Recipe – simple dinner recipes – easy recipe – mexican recipes – how to make tacos

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8 Responses

  1. Hi. Your Fish Tacos looked great !  🙂

  2. These look incredible! Great recipe – subscribed 😀

  3. FitAngie says:

    Omg fish tacos! Those look amazing, I can't deep fry mine but I will bake them, looks fantastic. I've done keto and you're right you have to change your way of eating after a while. I came over from my friend Rus at Smoky Ribs, he's one of my awesome friends. Thank you for this video.

  4. Ive been thinking about making fish tacos for dinner … im taking this as a sign YESSS. They look yummy!

  5. I definitely will not do spicy cuz I'm such a chicken, but other than that it looks bomb👌🏻

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