EASY VEGAN DINNER RECIPES » nourish bowls  (just music)

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  1. Hey friends! I personally find the sound of just the food being prepared very calming/comforting, so I need your feedback: I've created another version of this video with a voiceover as well. Find it here: https://youtu.be/649tA4lkXuI Let me know in the comments of the other video which you'd prefer going forward: A) upload both versions of the video, B) upload just the voiceover version, or C) upload just the food + music version (no voiceover). Thanks for providing your feedback ❤

  2. Absolutely LOVED watching this with just the music! So calming and relaxing

  3. Morokot23May says:

    Omg !!! Look so delicious 😋

  4. Hey Sadia, with your voice it is so much easy to learn these recipes rather than dotting down all those things in the video. Plus I love to hear you out. Either upload both the versions or only the voiceover. Great concept though. Really appreciate.

  5. cristina14k says:

    Both videos are amazing… with this in mind.. You can make your channel as varied as you like.. and play around with it… When you are pressured for time, you can still upload a high quality video as this one and take less time 😉

  6. Loved this version, but i love your voice way to much, so… voiceover for me. I love you, a hug from Venezuela 🇻🇪

  7. Hey sadia, just watched both the videos and I must say they're both amazing! But if I HAD to choose I'd choose the voiceover because to many of us that make these vegan recipes it's more than just aesthetics and it'll answer most of the questions and doubts that we might have for every recipe! But the sound of cutting vegetables are so relaxing for some reason!

    Maybe you could remove the voiceover for simpler recipes that don't need a lot of explanation but include them for ones like these where you give multiple recipes and each has different steps to follow ☺️☺️☺️💛💛

    Nevertheless, so proud of you and this channel….. you've made it so far! Love youuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I like the idea.. But it's kinda the same as te previous video but without the explanation! I like the video with the voice more then without!!

  9. Everytime you have got some really unique and amazing vegan recipes .
    Love from India!!

  10. Hi sadia, how did you learn how to cook? ❤️❤️

  11. Great recipes but I really missed your voice. This version is calming but so is your narration. I prefer the voiceover version 🙂

  12. Maite Lopez says:

    Hello Sadia!
    If I can help you, I really love these type of videos with only music and food noices but maybe in recipes no, in other type of videos like: morning routine, what I eat on a day, meditation..
    Love your work!

  13. Scutum says:

    It's very pleasant to watch a video with no voice.

  14. REEM BN says:

    i honestly enjoy both ..theres a cool channel called peaceful cuisine the does something similar .cooking videos one with music and the other is just the "cooking" noises ..very peaceful indeed

  15. Sara Suri says:

    A) upload both versions of the video! 🙂 I watched both the versions and im literally zen AF now

  16. SOOOO RELAXING! Keep going with this type of videos **

  17. A-Both! I loved watching it with you and direction, but the music version was so awesome! I love the sound of the creation of food! Both are useful! Thank you!

  18. Hey Sadia, I have always found your videos very calming and soothing. Yes, the sound of cooking is like meditation. But, i prefer you guiding the audience. Personally, I admire the way you talk. Love and best wishes from India.

  19. I prefer the voice over version, I like your voice

  20. Hannah says:

    I personally enjoy the calming food prep videos without music! Peaceful Cuisine's bubble tea video is a good example, but this is still nice!

  21. forexercises says:

    I missed your voice and have a hard time reading the ingredients on the left.  I did like the music choice!

  22. Hello Sadia. Both videos are amazing but I find the music version more calming and easy to follow through.☺

  23. Daisy Garcia says:

    Loving the recipes! I'm planning to have a vegan thanksgiving dinner with my family and am trying to figure out some easy and/or delicious meals to serve (to non vegans!). Will you be posting more dinner videos soon? These are so helpful and easy to follow!

  24. Jennifer La says:

    I loved both versions of the videos!!! I absolutely enjoy watching your videos over and over again!!

  25. I'm not vegan but all of these meals look so satisfying and delicious that I would be happy to have any of them. You did such a fantastic job on both videos. I am really only choosing the voiceover version because I often watch videos while I am crafting or doing other projects and reading everything as it comes on the screen can be a bit of a challenge. Both are lovely though.

  26. Mia Yana says:

    This video is beautiful in its own way. If it's not too much trouble, it'd be wonderful if you could upload both versions 🙂

  27. B D says:

    I prefer the voiceovers a lot more because it's easier to follow through for me although I love the calming music too

  28. Vera Arandas says:

    I love this version! ❤️

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