Pumpkin Recipes | Pinterest Halloween Recipes | DIY Easy Halloween Treats by So Yummy

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41 Responses

  1. Bourele Sow says:


  2. I like you so yummy 😋 and happy Halloween thanks

  3. Is tasty channel and so yummy channel work together

  4. Soooo delicious and yummy!!! 😉 halloween is my favourite

  5. Hùng Đinh says:

    I love Halloweennnnnnn…

  6. Nirmala Devi says:

    Which country you are indian or videsi

  7. J Alam says:

    I hate this food 🙅🙀 I don't like this

  8. Tube Rai says:

    welcome to my channel subscribe please

  9. Early squad in the house

  10. 👍👍👍👍👍💝🎂🍨🍧

  11. Icey Sue says:

    So beautiful, just like always.

  12. today is another guy right

  13. soy la unica que lo ve y nunca lo hace que pedo :v

  14. that's so yummy 😋😋

  15. Just Divine says:

    The video is too fast.

  16. alis donea says:

    I dont like punpkin but its nice

  17. The last cake looked hella dry

  18. Can you pleaseee make a Riverdale cake ??? PLEASE

  19. Which country you are from i think you are Indian am I right

  20. Todo se ven tan deliciosos pero no entiendo ni tantito el inglés 👍👍👍👍👍

  21. This person is obsessed with pumpkins

  22. Syeda Fatima says:

    Hello plz make easy chocolate cupcakes plz

  23. Mima Wilpe says:

    Que delicia 💞💞💞

  24. Yay im so early i got here before 2.7K views and 262 likes and 3 dislikes i hope this comment dosen't sink lol XD

  25. This channel is going to be the next Tasty.

  26. Hallowed ! Hallowed ! Go !

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