4 Romantic Dinners For Date Night

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38 Responses

  1. So…they reuse the same footage over and over in different videos…because the steak footage I just watched in the cheap vs expensive steak video…

  2. Shellene says:

    Everything looked so delicious…. No date so I will have lots of leftovers

  3. Robfenix says:

    These meals are like 6000 calories each. Really over the top.

  4. Very nice ideas but why do you have such an obsession with putting meat and cheese on all veggies, they're even nicer with just a bit of seasoning

  5. So this video is just all the “for two” dinners but as one big video?

  6. I don't even have a bf I'm just watching this cuz food

  7. Gigi S says:

    Why y’all like uncooked steak?

  8. MaxyGStar says:

    Sorry, can you tell me what the heavy cream is?

  9. Monique Leo says:

    The amount of garlic used in these recipes just don’t work well with if you’re on a first date ngl

  10. Bebe Hoang says:

    Date night = Me night

  11. im weird says:

    Who is watching this and u r single
    I guess this will be a dinner for one tonight…

  12. I'm Ghostly says:

    Don't do this guys if the girl know you can cook your screwd

  13. M Werewolf says:

    Oh yes. A great romantic dinner with someone special… ME.

  14. Katetanic says:

    Damnit, keep your Goddamn tomatoes out of my alfredo sauce!!!!!

  15. The Blitz says:

    what kind of witchcraft is this

  16. Alot of garlic for romantic dinners? Yipes Stripes!

  17. MatthewDMS says:

    Who else watches these with zero intention of making them?

  18. yazid naufal says:

    took me too long and bored to watch 4 kind of dinner, make just 2 of one upload if u can

  19. Rage Mango says:

    For some reason all the boys I know don't want to talk to me and they usually date some ugly looking chick but yet they think I'm weird. #Forever Alone

  20. Wish you guys would've made one vegetarian option 😫

  21. Dinner for 1 coming up!

  22. zakiah tukes says:

    omg that bruchetta 😍

  23. zakiah tukes says:

    garlic butter steak aka burn my lil ass apartment dwn tryna make it lol

  24. Does anyone notice that all the recipes are already made but they just combined all the recipes vids

  25. lukngud says:

    4 Romantic Dinners for…HALLOWEEN, because who wants to wait for Valentine's?

  26. james jason says:

    whats written "4 Romantic Dinners For Date Night"
    What I see, " 4 Dinners For Night "

  27. Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Just completed season 1. Great recipes, message and recipes!!

  28. Well if this does not get you a blowjob…he is not gay

  29. Usagi Red says:

    Why is there always so much cheese and milk used in tasty?? Like do you want us to get fat??? Im always: yess this looks soo good, oww wait here comes the heavy cream…..nvm

  30. Ssi says:

    I don't have boyfriend so i'll make it with my best friend..

  31. Yasmin Platt says:

    So basically don’t date if you’re vegetarian yeah? I shouldn’t be surprised tbh lol!

  32. Melli _ says:

    why do they put that much garlic into DATE night dinners?😂

  33. Jella Mariz says:

    No.3 got me to the friend zone

  34. Ayla7650 says:

    Sooo Garlic in Date night ?

  35. JayBird says:

    What if she's vegan? 🤔

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