5 Breakfast Meal Preps For Busy Parents

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22 Responses

  1. Eyyoh says:

    This music actually hurts and it never stops

  2. Fehmida Sial says:

    writing on the ziplock before adding the fruit would be a better idea.

  3. This is a repost from like a year ago lol

  4. maartje vonk says:

    most of these recipes are sooo unhealthy

  5. Raaar1 says:

    This is poison! Kids should eat raw meat!

  6. Definitely NEED this!!!

  7. GamingGen says:

    The Oh yes was much better

  8. Lassia says:

    I'm french and it's so funny to see "french toast" when the receipe is wrong :')

  9. sweetmarlyne says:

    Everyone is complaining that they aren't posting new stuff maybe y'all could recommend some recipes

  10. In the french toast we have to freeze to one month or it can freeze to one month

  11. I Main Genji says:

    I'ma stick with my frozen waffles

  12. the first one was a copy of WUM

  13. Does anyone else hate how long you have to wait to eat the breakfast recepies in this video!

  14. why do i have to wait 1 month before eating.. it doesnt make any sense 🤔

  15. KING BOSS says:

    Up to 6 months 🤔🤔

  16. can u guys make turkish food pls

  17. I needed to see this video so bad hahaha! Now I can prep my meals~

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