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39 Responses

  1. Katie Waity says:

    Omg thank you for this video. This is changing my life for the better! Simple, nutritious and delicious healthy breakfast I will actually eat

  2. Please post the recipes! They look great.

  3. Kev Mak says:

    I add greek yogurt to my pancakes….

  4. papara dorna says:

    Wow those pancakes are the best ever.. I had them this morning. I’ll definitely do them very often

  5. Do these delicious breakfast keep you full for more than 5 hours?

  6. New sub and I loveeee your channel!!I am absolutely in love with eggs and yolk! Are there any healthy breakfasts including eggs? (:

  7. Tu es vraiment une source d inspiration avec tous ces repas si variés et healthy et surtout de motivation pour perdre du poids!!!
    Thanks you !you are amazing!!😘😘

  8. Elsie Harris says:

    Where do you get the macadamia butter? I don’t find it where I live in Florida.

  9. Liezl your recipes are always awesome and easy to follow

  10. Ahamed Fazal says:

    Can I use normal oats?

  11. Jen says:

    drinking game! every time she says breakfast drink

  12. Julia Tucci says:

    The healthy pancakes were AMAZING! thanks for the recipe will deff make again! 🙂

  13. _RareWolf_ says:

    Pancakes are not healthy. Even if you put fruit on them that does nit make them healthy

  14. Plz show pan cakes without egg plzz

  15. Ann Styles says:

    Your videos are the best on YouTube!

  16. Sassy bre says:

    Fabulous ideas. I'm obsessed with your channel. Your healthy breakfast ideas are so simple. Why do we convince ourselves "breakfast is hard' when it can be so simple & quick lol

  17. Tracey Costa says:

    I love watching your videos and have done many of your recipes. Please keep the videos coming.
    Will definitely try these breakfast recipes, they look amazing and I put chilli flakes on to a lot of things too.

  18. I just started my diet but I need some help, can anyone
    give me some tips, I even made a video of how I look
    right now its on my channel…thanks!!./

  19. Love love your recipes! keep the breakfast recipes coming!

  20. love you liezl😚💋🌸

  21. Narya Ney says:

    im going to do this pancakes. it looks delicious

  22. When you said "but ja" I was like… yup south african here haha

  23. Priscila B. says:

    Nice, but why sticking banana into everything?! I hate banana 😀

  24. how many calories are theere in one single pan cake ?

  25. OMG….Love chillies too. High five. And I can see frm ur videos u have OCD….😍

  26. I love your videos so much 💖💙

  27. Nele4748 says:

    Liezl, can you pleeeaaase make a book with all of your recipes? Pleassse

  28. Sarah Galise says:

    Want to try your pancale recipe but i do not like banana , can you feel the taste of it when it is cooked ?
    Thanks 🙂

  29. i am definitely trying this pancake recipe tomorrow! i love how simple it is 🙂

  30. Sella Taff says:

    I do love your videos, and most of these look really good but eggs are not healthy 🙁 you dont have to use them there are lots of substitutes or alternative recipes that are just as good!!

  31. As always very nice 👍🏼 cant wait to try that porridge 🍚 and 🥞 recipe 🤣

  32. Cool123 says:

    I know, it's a lot of efforts to make a video:
    Can you make on- 
    a month's breakfast ideas, lunch, and dinner

  33. L T says:

    Will definitely give this a try. Thanks liezl!

  34. Can you please do some dinner ideas? I've searching a lot for it and I didn't found anything. btw, I love your videos, you're amazing!

  35. Chan Jean says:

    Making them soon! I'm obsessed with chili flakes myself ^^ thanks

  36. H. Li says:

    Can u please do healthy snack ideas?!??

  37. You would look really cute with bangs 😍

  38. Please do carb clever meals

  39. Always love your vídeos, can you do another what i ate when it's a hungry day? Love you

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