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Nutritious, healthy & absolutely heavenly, this vegan friendly Beetroot + Apple halwa is satisfying in so many ways!

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Serves: 3 | Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 20 mins

Utensils Required:
– Vegetable grater
– Bowls
– Serving spoon
– Kadai/ saucepan

– Beetroot / चुकंदर – 4 medium (finely rated)
– Apple / सेब – 3 large (roughly grated)
– Chironji / चिरोंजी – ¼ cup
– Blackcurrants / काले किशमिश – ¼ cup
– Sugar / शक्कर – 4 tbsp (approx.)
– Coconut oil / नारियल का तेल – 3 tbsp
– Cardamom / इलाइची – 3-4 whole pods (peeled & crushed)
– Coconut milk / नारियल का दूध – 3 tbsp

Easy Method to make Coconut Milk:


– In a hot kadai heat up some coconut oil. Aside from being a healthy source of fat Coconut Oil is great for skin, hair and weight-loss!
– To the hot oil, add the chironji and the blackcurrants. Let these cook until the blackcurrants plump up.
– Now add your grated beetroot. Make sure to use the fine toothed grater to grate the beetroot.
– Let this cook for 10 minutes or so until the beetroot loses its raw edge.
– Now add in your grated apple. Stir and cook this until the colour becomes even and the apple breaks down and becomes soft. This should to 5-7 minutes on medium heat.
– Once soft, taste the mixture for sweetness and add your sugar. 4 tbsps is a good indicator but if the apples you’re using are sweeter then add less sugar. Make sure to taste before and after adding.
– Now, add in your freshly crushed elaichi powder.
– When it’s fragrant and mushy add in the coconut milk. Mix it properly and when it comes together your halwa is ready to serve!

Write in with your own suggestions, for Indian Cuisine in the comments down below. And if you have delicious indian recipes you would like to see us cook please do share it with us. Let’s make 2017 proper tasty 🙂

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