Healthy Soup Recipe for Belly Fat, Weight Loss, Immune Boost, Healthy Eating Tips, How To,

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  1. PsycheTruth says:

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  3. Eben Burger says:

    I dont like slow cookers because they're just too small. I love to use BIG cooking pots and usually fill them up to the top!

  4. Lena Barber says:

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  5. Alisia Oster says:

    Where can I find the Recipe!? or are we supposed to eyeball measurements from the video?

  6. amina Jabbar says:

    That was a bad recipe

  7. How does the soup look like?

  8. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Perfect timing, I just picked some beets from my garden. I will be making a smaller portion of this recipe, cutting this recipe in half to see if I like the flavors. I think adding some parsley about the last hour of cooking would kick up the healthful benefits. I will be cooking it until the veggies are 'mushy' and then use an emulsion blender to make a creamy texture.

  9. discovr4me says:

    This looks good. Thanks!

  10. Iqra Adeel says:

    Is broccoli and cauliflower are same ?? can we use cauliflower as substitute?

  11. Zumzi Zumza says:

    Is not a good ideea to boil all the ingredients all together, you must add them step by step..

  12. looks so good love soup

  13. keepinitreal says:

    didn't show the finished soup noooooooooo!!

  14. Elena M says:

    I made this soup with marinated beets, no oregano and it turned out delicious.

  15. I made this soup over the weekend! It tastes really good, although it was cooking for 6 hours yesterday and I froze half of it and the rest we are eating this week (I used a large crock pot). The soup base is going to be red because of the beets. I am serving it with buckwheat soba noodles and a soft boiled egg – sort of making a fusion japanese noodle bowl out of it. Thanks for the great tips! ~

  16. Roy Morris says:

    one question can you use some organic vegetable broth

  17. Scott Palma says:

    Looks like a great soup! Thanks for the recipe. My suggestion to improve for next time is that I would have enjoyed the video much more if you showed how the soup looks finished in the video.

  18. Debra Goring says:

    You sounded like Toni the Tiger from the 70s adverts, lol! Grrrrrr-e-a-t! :O)

  19. whit that mutch salt it's not healty annymore! So mutch salt is pure poison!!

  20. Crista Exon says:

    Soup looks like it's gonna be good. But daaamn it took you 10 minutes to assemble something that would normally take less than 5. Maybe you should be a bit faster next time, I got a little bored to be honest, even though I am patient in general. I hope you don't take this as an insult, I mean to give honest and good feedback 🙂

  21. I need a video on how to gain weight in a healthy way. So many videos on how to lose weight when many people struggle to put on weight. Please help

  22. this was very helpful.. thank you.

  23. She took too much time…uffff plzzz show up quickly

  24. Daisy Fuegos says:

    Really. I wait until end, and I didn't see the soup which I was expecting.

  25. JloveLatina says:

    Love carina u are the best

  26. Winter Land says:

    The soup looks healthy.  It might be good but I would prefer no beets.

  27. Moe Bius says:

    I want to pour that soup over some roast chicken. Yummy!

  28. very healthy will make it, thanks

  29. Francesca says:

    Nice recipe, will definitely try it, thank you!
    …I would have put some extra virgin olive oil in there though.. (in Italy we tend to put oil in litterally anything:) it wouldn't be unhealthy would it?

  30. TuxKey says:

    Why not show the end result?

  31. Thank you so much for the video, amazing stuff!

  32. Joelifant says:

    What about schnitzel? 🙁

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