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  1. What's your favourite vegan protein source?! comment down below! thanks for watching xoxo

  2. Sorry if you answered already, but you are in Canada no? How did you use Thrive Markets? It is only available in the US…

  3. Where did u get your containers? Can I buy them online?

  4. pastel panda says:

    Your laugh is actually life omg

  5. OMG… I can't watch your videos… they make me so hungry…😲

  6. I love to watch your videos! But many recipes are impossible to do because we don't have the ingredients. anyway, I love your chanel and your pink hair!!! ❤❤❤❤

  7. Aicha S says:

    Wait…what is that " vital wheat gluten"? Is that gluten free gluten? Please don't laugh.

  8. tru tab says:

    could we just use oat flour for cupcakes and chickpea balls??

  9. Adding in some steak seasoning or poultry seasoning to the seitan makes it taste more like "meat" 🙂

  10. Kittmonster says:

    i use bethanys vegan kitchen seitan recipe, it uses nooch and chickpea flour as well as your other ingredients. it is truly beautiful. give it a go x

  11. Dana says:

    Finally a vegan youtuber that doesn't eat HCLF ♥

  12. Mimi Flieder says:

    Seitan should definitely sit in the broth for about a day! Also I find that the texture improves if you bake the little seitan pieces in the oven before putting them in the broth!

  13. To get your seitan more dense you gotta beat the dough up for a quite a while then let it rest…. Also you can totally boil it in the broth but I find it you really want an intense flavor you can cook it in a log wrapped in tin foil boiled in water or steamed… That's tasty too

  14. Jennifer W. says:

    You need to knead that seitan before. Have you ever baked bread? There's a point in the kneading process that the dough becomes stretchy so that it takes a bit to tear it. You want that same sort of stretchiness with seitan, because that's due to the gluten development.

  15. You can add whole wheat /chickpea flour to your seitan. By the way, I'm loving the shade of pink in your hair!😁

  16. Hey Rose! We sent you an email to your gmail inviting you to be apart of our upcoming radio show. Please respond back to use and let us know if your interested. Thanks!

  17. Nicky Tbh says:

    It's really annoying when Canadian youtubers partner with companies that don't ship to Canada…….

  18. I made the muffins- with some modifications and they turned out amazing!
    I used 2/3 cup of banana flour in place of the cup of oat flour to make it grain-free.
    Instead of the green powder I did use chocolate protein powder, date sugar in place of the brown sugar, a little less agave and a little more applesauce so cut back the sugar. (And to replace that, I added melted chocolate chips in a little swirl on top, which hardened into deliciousness.)
    They’re awesome😍😍😍

  19. Amber Rose says:

    Every time you do that laugh it scares me

  20. Elsa&lisa says:

    I love your videos. Seitan is it's own thing. It sounds like yours came out fine. You added good seasonings.

  21. JustLynn2015 says:

    Side note: what tf is gluten

  22. Where do you buy those containers? I really like those and would really like to get some.

  23. When you made the muffins did they have xantham gum? If not I need this recipe- i am gluten free and dairy free because I have Crohns Disease I can not tolerate xantham gum and I am living 100% without bread as a result. I would love any recipes that do not have the awful weird gums in them. 🤗

  24. Oh honey…HONNNNNNEY! 😉

  25. keybrewer82 says:

    He's great and does seitan different ways. Hope you can check him out

  26. Kelly Vegan says:

    Ok that black bean spaghetti looks yummy!!!

  27. Mandy Roy says:

    The muffin recipe confuses me a bit because you used baking soda and baking powder but you didn’t use any ingredients to activate the powder and soda. For example, adding a dash of vinegar or lemon juice to your wet ingredients. Your muffins would have risen a bit had you activated the baking powder and soda. 🙂

  28. The Avant Guard Vegan makes seton and he kneeds and beats it. I haven not tried it yet.

  29. I put hemp seeds on and in everything I eat.

  30. Leonie Sch says:

    Your meal prep ideas always give me life 😫 I just posted a brand new vegan food video today. If someone is interested, you should definitely check it out. 🙈

  31. Moonlanding says:

    those muffins look heavenly 😍

  32. Sarina Schw says:

    Is that the Nutri Ninja (food processor)? Are you happy with it?

  33. trudijune says:

    I see you’re back to being an infomercial. Bummer because you do have great ideas but I just can’t take your selling Thrive, audible, etc… at this point I’m actually sorry I bought your e book. It has some good recipes but apparent,y you’re making enough money from your informercials that what’s in your e book could be sold for a lot less. The quantity and quality of what’s it in is really not worth the price. I can’t even watch the rest of this video, I’m sick to death of every product from Thrive Market. Stop already, I know I can’t be the only one annoyed by this,

  34. Interesting how so many people say to knead the seitan longer, I prefer not to knead it at all. The sponge-iness is probably because you used a rolling boil, the water should just be boiling. Honestly I like baking mine, using a casserole dish or something, bake dry (but covered in a little bit of oil) for the first 30 min and then with about two cups of water for another hour or so.

  35. Anna Toor says:

    Seitan: add a little bit of normal flour to the seitan powder, just 1-2 tbsp per 200 grammes of seitan powder or so. And then do NOT cook it but make a broth and bake it in the broth slowly in the oven for 1-1,5 hours. The seitan should not be totally submerged in the broth while cooking. The texture will be amazing. All this other stuff (kneading it or sth) won't help much in my experience. The secret is adding normal flour and slow cooking so that the dough does not suck in too much water.

  36. Michelle .E. says:

    Check out connies rawsome kitchen if you haven't yet. She's the queen of seitan 😋😋😋

  37. The happy pear twins have an amazing saitan recipe

  38. Kelly A says:

    I really want to try that black bean pasta! Thanks for another good video!! 🙂

  39. Angeline T says:

    Rose, I love it when you do accents. You make me feel better. 0;-) Gosh I miss living in Toronto, I had so much fun. Canadians are so awesome.

  40. Amy M says:

    I hate to break it to you but you are not lazy! Looks so yummy!!

  41. Don't mind me I'm just a small vegan YouTuber looking for supporters 💚💚 Also loveeeedd the recipes! Going to try a lot of these 😊

  42. The more seitan is kneaded the less bread like it will be.

  43. I have been working with Thrive Market surrounding biodynamic Foods. Biodynamic farming is worse than organic and kills animals. It was thought up by a crazy man truly and there aren't many people who grow this way because it burns alive mice and moles and any small animals in the area. They are going to stop carrying biodynamic Foods as it is so cruel.

  44. Seitan is my favourite at the moment 😊 but usually lentils! Anyway, great video again!

    Oh and knead the seitan for longer, let it sit for 5 minutes and then cut/tear/shape it. If you want it to have more 'bite' try mixing in some black beans/chick peas or any other bean – it makes a big difference! Also, don't let the water come to a boil. That makes it spongy too! I hope this helps 🙂

  45. Organic is not vegan! If anyone wants an explanation I will be happy to provide one. Elizabeth MD Ph.D specialized nutrition science

  46. Night Angel says:

    If you ever get the chance, take a look at Gaz Oakley's channel (avantgardevegan). His seitan recipes look really good.

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