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  1. Just started freezing meals for my significant other as I head overseas to work. Not sure how it'll turn out but your video was a great guide thank you so very much! Sending love from Singapore!

  2. I've heard people saying that if you freeze Food all the nutrients are Lost, is it true? I have been following you for over a month and all your food prep and freezer meals have been working sooo well for me! I personally don't care ir some nutrients are lost, because Food prepping makes it easier for me not to buy take-out but I would still like to know your thoughts about this!

  3. Broccoli's not good any more after 10 days frozen.

  4. Okay, now, you need to make a video on Freezer meals and if they're healthy or not!

  5. Damn you are sheikh, are you pakistani or arab?

  6. K Weightloss says:

    Hey! Thanks for the video! I have a question…the problem I run into is freezer burn. I have the same containers as the video, and it won't last more than two days without getting freezer burn. Do you use the same containers all the time, or do you know of any better ways to protect the food? Thanks!

  7. silviaf111 says:

    Just came across yr channel.
    Great content & recipes. New subscriber from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  8. I would love to see more videos like these! This should be like the 30 days of bentos, except 30 days of freezer meals!

  9. I absolutely adore you, you're so lovely!!! 😍😍

  10. Sugar Ashley says:

    More frozen dinners please!!

  11. I'd love a video on freezing seasonal items. I know how to freeze avocados and tomatoes but there are so many things I'm sure I could be freezing wrong or have no idea how to freeze that are in season but that I'll want later.

  12. This was super amazing and very helpful. I can't wait to try these and this was the first video I've caught of yours. Wow, it will keep me coming back for more!!

  13. How long can we store these in the freezer????

  14. Alex West says:

    I find the task of chopping up fruits and veggies daunting. Can you do a video on tips and tricks how to go from the store to meal prep ready? Love your videos – even my kids look forward to watching them and picking out their favorite meals.

  15. Anyone use the George Foreman for grilling zukes?

  16. La_summer says:

    Part 2 😭😭 I love your videos. Ive been binge watching

  17. Look at you girl 523k!! Amazing keep up the awesome work love your channel!!!

  18. Could you do a college mini fridge themed video? Perhaps with what items to keep in stock as well?

  19. Erika B says:

    Great video Alyssia, I so need to try a few of these recipes, especially the BBQ Chicken! I luv your olive oil bottle, do you happen to remember where you purchased, sometimes the big bottles I purchase of oil are just cumbersome! Thank you!!

  20. Eliza Smith says:

    Love the zucchini! ❤️❤️👍🏾

  21. I swear each week I have a new favorite video haha

  22. Nadinef Pope says:

    I will substitute parsley, I hate cilantro!!

  23. castillo916 says:

    How long can I keep these meals in my freezer? I wan to meal prep my lunches for work but I don't know how long they will keep in the freezer.

  24. Roger Smith says:

    I was wondering if you could sub strawberries for the jam

  25. dahlsmom says:

    Wow, these all look so delicious! I am so inspired to hit my local Farmer's Market and pick up the produce for these menus. Thanks to you my family is eating so well. Love your channel!

  26. I just bought the big book package, and somewhere you say to defrost freezer meals for a day before heating up. Can we just put these straight in the microwave? You know that's what we're all going to try to do, because freezer meals are for when we forgot to plan.

    Also, how do I use DIY Ranch seasoning from Unjunk your Food? Where can I find your recipe to make dressing from it?

    My favorite summer ingredients are stone fruits and yellow corn (which I can't find anymore–why?) and holy basil.
    My new favorite summer salad is watermelon, peaches, basil (regular Italian, but I'd like to try other kinds) and feta.

  27. Hi there!! I just bought some 3 compartment containers and would really, really appreciate more of these meal prep ideas. I like this style of meal prep a lot! It is really straight forward and is honestly exciting to have these meals planned out instead of me having to think of meals on my own lol. It is awesome to just buy these ingredients throw them together and go on with my week. <33

  28. emmaraekidd says:

    Your channel is fantastic anyway, but this video is one of my favorites! With school coming back around and a hectic schedule not everyone sits down to eat at the same time. This saves us from grabbing take out!!

  29. these look delish!! i'm thinking of trying the pilaf for dinner, but could only find regular short grain brown rice (it's still raw, though). Would that work as an easy substitute or would that affect the cooking time?

  30. I appreciate the video as I was looking for ideas for homemade frozen meals that can be made at around $1-1.50 per meal. I almost stopped watching at the first dish because of the expense of buying fresh berries on top of meat is just not in the budget, but the second dish is a great idea and can be made more cost-effectively. I am unsure of the third because I would want a less expensive and more environmentally friendly substitute for the beef, but the beef seems pretty integral to the dish.

  31. Jan Laura says:

    can you have a video on how you store and organize meals in your fridge? I guest it would be a big big fridge?

  32. Katie K. says:

    #breakingnews Best YouTube Channel Ever! <3

  33. sasha_firee says:

    This is everything I need in my life right now, great video!

  34. Foody TV says:

    LOVE THIS; looks delicious!!!

  35. wow. I absolutely loved your video. I love all of them really but for some reason this one got me!

  36. ashley young says:

    could you do a different kind of soups video please? i love tomato soup but the canned one is so high in carbs and not healthy at all , would love to see you remake on it! xoxo from michigan

  37. Leah Runyan says:

    I have to say that I love all fruits and vegetables that are in season 😋😋
    love your channel 💗💗

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