25 Chicken Recipes

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33 Responses

  1. FUCK why am I watching this I'm so fucking hungry and I don't have any food at home

  2. Sara Yoo says:

    This is the peak of whiteness in tasty

  3. Josh Epperly says:

    i only pay attention to the ones with black hands coz then im certain the cook knows what they're doin' xDDD

  4. jordan smith says:

    let me correct that. food porn+spy music =tasty.

  5. mina tzeuton says:

    too good i just can't…..ow i just bit the screen

  6. I love chicken but I am very disappointed because I have seen these recipes before😭

  7. ladyraven30 says:

    Thanks for putting these all into one. One stop shop instead of constantly clicking. I know these are recipes that have been shown before but they're absolutely wonderful!

  8. 20:14 the fly away tomatoes 😂

  9. "Discard Excess Fat" are u serious all of their recipes are made of fat don't you see how much butter they put in their recipes!

  10. Kurtmeister says:

    i will push this all of chickens to my ass

  11. Every video everywhere needs this much jazz flute in the music.

  12. Watch how cruelty free gains complains about this video.

  13. Chan Babu says:

    see this at playback speed:x0.25

  14. Just Apple says:

    All the dislikers are chickens 🐔

  15. Sudesh Kumar says:

    ahhh!!!! I watched full finally

  16. I love how tasty films and posts all the mistakes like the bowl falling into the pan it actually made me laugh so much!! it kind of makes you believe that nobody is perfect 🙂

  17. Jay Wo says:

    What's up with skinamax softcore muzak playing in the background?

  18. Is there a vegetarian alternative?

  19. Thank you Tasty !!! You are the best. I am going to save this video to myself.

  20. what is up with the music?? I feel like I'm supposed to be watching a porn or something lol

  21. hailey Y says:

    Is there a vegan option?

  22. 3:07 lmfaooooo! 😂😂😂😂

  23. Make middle eastern food

  24. CK BT says:

    wow there aren't that many dislikes

  25. Lucy Garcia says:

    All these dishes look so easy to make and so yummy Thank You

  26. Elise Weber says:

    It was a mistake to think this was “5 chicken recipes”

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