7 Easy Slime Recipes

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38 Responses

  1. playdoh are not slime but I like playdoh

  2. Wait is this a reupload? I think I've seen this before

  3. 8 kinds of glitter yeay!

    UGH!!and who puts styrofoam into their slime, all the slimers are trigerred that they didn't call it floam, half of these aren't even slime

  4. wait did I just read that glitter is OPTIONAL? btw not the best idea to use contact lenses solution to clean ur stove.

  5. Sparkling glitter…….is it that hard to think of names for glitter

  6. 0/10
    Not enough glitter

  7. N. Syada says:

    Haha i'm playing slime rn😂

  8. The new face of buzzfeed

  9. I did the edible one with corn starch (another recipe ) it tasted horrible but I did this one without cornstarch how u said it it was much more stretchy and yummy 💗😀

  10. wet trash says:

    Y’all didn’t put enough glitter

  11. The peeps “slime” is just fondant😑

  12. "holographic glitter" wasn't holo. But the "fairy dust glitter" was. claps

  13. sarah byrne says:

    Seriously, do you have enough glitter in that second one

  14. Buzzfeed needs to get a good hand model. I don't want to see countless fat fingers which are just so repulsive to look at, they look like tiny fat sausages.

  15. Everyday we stray further from god.

  16. Question : Am not sure if Borax is available in my country, so what sort of substitute can I use? And what are your types of slime? I prefer Butter/Floamy/Glossy slimes.

  17. Angel K9 says:

    FYI it's not slime if it has no glue no hate

  18. As if the glitter in the glitter glue wasn’t enough

  19. The first I don't wanna get into trouble so I do it by hand all the time.

  20. Fuqi Ren says:

    Didn't they already upload this?

  21. You can make easter skime with melted marshmallows and penut butter

  22. Never enough glitter i guess

  23. You add lot of glitter

  24. Faith Camire says:

    How many types of glitter are there?!?

  25. Why the heck would you call it “holographic” when its not H💿L💿 SIMPLY NAILOGICAL WE NEED YOU

  26. Flubber is supposed to be green

  27. The fluff looks cool! I’ll try it! Also, do you think adding color (food coloring or
    Paint) would mess it up?

  28. -brigid- says:

    half of these have been in old vids

  29. Rachel Hoff says:

    I was watching the glitter added in and I started thinking

    "That seems like a lot of, oh… theres more glitter, and theres more, how much glitter did you buy?!"

  30. That “fluff” is soo messy to make and play with.

  31. 1-800 says:

    anyone else cringe when they used the slime to clean the dirty stove and keyboard

  32. Karan Patel says:

    Wow this is better than karina garcia’s slime without glue slimes!


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