kushboo Idli Recipe | குஷ்பு இட்லி | Onion Kara Chutney | Breakfast menu

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40 Responses

  1. Have fun says:

    What is alaku.please say measurments by cups or grams

  2. Happy tanu says:

    Aunty very nice recipe 😃 white colour cloth vechi dha cook pannanum ah? Whr I will get the cloth for idly?

  3. amma romba nalla irku sooper.👌👍

  4. Amma 800gr riceku ulundhu 200 na 1kg riceku – ulundhu 250gr dhan varudhuma?

  5. Amma 800gr riceku ulundhu 200 na 1kg ulundhu 250gr dhan varudhuma?

  6. Mukund Rao says:

    pls in hindi wat is liquid in bottle

  7. Thank you ma this wonderful and healthy recipe. Ma if you don mine can you give the measurement for urad dhall and the rice in the cup measurement for 5 people.
    Hope I am not give you trouble ma😗
    Also if we using the blender the method to grind is it same? Cause I have tried using blender but the idli turn out hard.

  8. Mam bakking Soda-na soda sald ta Mam plz sollunga plz

  9. I know only the name of kushboo idli receipe now only i saw this wow sema super idli with onion chutney combination 👌👏👏👏👏

  10. Bablu Bablu says:

    Instead of baking powder can we use normal cooking soda

  11. great recipe thanks for sharing mam 👌👌👍👍

  12. மிகவும் அருமை அம்மா. நன்றி.

  13. Tamil Meena says:

    Amma ammanuku good for health ma….

  14. Lavanya Babu says:

    Onion raw ?? It will have raw smell right ?? No ??

  15. Kuppai M says:

    Amma super thanks👌

  16. Super na try panni parkeren ma

  17. Thanks for your reply amma

  18. Thank you Amma. Naan Chennaiil ullen. Ungalai santhigavendum endra asai undu

  19. Uma Baskar says:

    super ma. I asked this recipe thanks for posting.please post masala milk for cold climate

  20. Lakshmi Ravi says:

    Amanakku seeds eppo podanum

  21. Aunty please upload soyabean recipes. Thank you.

  22. chamukrishna says:

    Adding baking soda may not be added I think
    Too may ingredients already added for fluffy idly .. also baking soda sometimes makes stomach too full..

  23. for 1kg rice we use 400 gr uradhal oly for kushbu idly ha ma….

  24. uma velan says:

    Hm super amma very very super

  25. 8 mani neram arisiya soak panna pulichupogathaa amma ??? especially summer season..??

  26. Michael Jose says:

    super amma
    pakkave superaa irukkumma

  27. Radhika Veni says:

    இட்லிக்கு எப்பொழுதும் அரிசியை கொர கொரப்பாக அரைக்க வேண்டுமா அல்லது மிகவும் நைசாக அரைக்க வேண்டுமா எது சிறந்த முறை அம்மா?

  28. sundari s says:

    indha maavu dosai kum use panalama

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