1 Pound Ground Beef, 4 Easy Dinners

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  1. Sana Lulu says:

    Hey tasty! Italian food is good, I know, but it gets REALLY boring and repetitive to just label things as "5 ways to make ___" and just use Italian inspired recipes every time. You guys have TONS of diversity in your workplace, and I'm pretty sure that you try to promote it in nearly all of your other videos. So please, can you give us something other than Italian, with the occasional Hispanic, recipes and food related vids?! Like seriously its almost 2018, pick up a foreign cook book or ASK PEOPLE AT BUZZFEED for new food ideas.

    A dish I love to eat using ground beef is Kheema. Don't know what that is? Look it up.

  2. Cheeseburger looks nasty as shit

  3. ShadyShade says:

    I beg ya damn pardon.

  4. JIAQ Y says:

    utterly disgusting

  5. I wonder how much beef I should use.

  6. sautee the onions first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When you're hungry and watch Tasty….. FML! 😩

  8. You know anyone who have Ego problem? Check this – https://youtu.be/ZyIN3mKi-Cg

  9. This jazz music is great, perfect combination! whats the bands name?

  10. sad says:

    Y'all should post more vids of behind the scenes, I like watching those more

  11. TopCat says:

    the mini meatloaf and the stuffed pepper look pretty good but everything else looks bland as hell.

  12. Nissim Hadid says:

    It's not a tasty recipe if it doesn't have CHEESE

  13. nermine mina says:

    I m vegan so please show some respect to vegans here , tasty becomes awful with those recipes

  14. ive always wondered… who eats all of the food they make after?

  15. I’ll just get some hamburger helper

  16. 1lb of beef and 1lb of cheese too.

  17. edl411 says:

    4 minutes 20 seconds?

  18. 4/4 recipes with cheese… no wonder americans are so fat…

  19. Da_Dragon ED says:

    I'm dyeing of starvation right now ;-;

  20. I really wish tasty would do a pilipino themed food one!

  21. I really wish tasty would do a pilipino themed food one!

  22. I read the title "1 pound of beef, 4 greasy dinners"…Accurate

  23. After seeing all of your videos o have just one question
    Who is the lucky person hero who gets to eat all ??

  24. Red Angel says:


  25. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Tasty is dying
    You know it's true

  26. LJ Karel says:

    Actually 4 pounds ground beef, 4 pretty difficult dinners.

  27. Danny M says:

    I'm Mexican and have no clue what "Taco seasoning" is, or what type of "salsa" they're referring to ¿

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