Easy Grinch Cake! 2 Recipes & No Special Tools! Gretchen’s Bakery

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12 Responses

  1. Luz Padilla says:

    Looks great! I’m sure be making it !

  2. Johnny Li says:

    When do you use the swiss meringue buttercream vs. the normal vegan buttercream?

  3. Prajakta p says:

    Wow wer can I buy one of your creations? I am craving to have any cake made by u.

  4. MonBake says:

    You are our queen for Vegan sweeties

  5. Rury RH says:

    Great video Gretchen!! Thank you very much for sharing!! Greetings from Mexico!!

  6. ElseNoOone says:

    😙~❤ Thank you .. i have no words to say, but thank you so much as always Amazing Baker 🌹Xoxo

  7. Hi, sweet adorable Gretchen. Your Grinch cake impressive. Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones would be proud. What did you enjoy about making your Grinch cake? Have a good day, sweet adorable Gretchen. <3

  8. Thanks for another wonderful looking cake. You're really upping the game for vegan baking!

  9. Tina says:

    I've done this method too! Except I filled in with colored piping gel!

  10. Cool technique. Thanks for Sharing.

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