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  1. Kerrie178 says:

    What are ur macros like now that u are predominantly carb based? Have u noticed a change in body shape?

  2. Veerle W says:

    I lovvve the pasta but do you not feel completely bloated or gassy after so much beans, unions and garlic? Suppose I just have a sensitive tummy haha

  3. If you use the silken tofu for scramble it has more of an egg consistency! x

  4. Adina Seaton says:

    Yaaaas! More of this please! ❤️😍😘

  5. love your recipes i’m not vegan but have been loving the food you cook during your videos

  6. Omg you are beauty woman


  8. g reboni says:

    just letting you know, I'm italian and tagliatelle is pronounced  TALIE-TELLE we don't pronounce to g in Italy. No hate, just thought you should know 🙂

  9. Jade Touhey says:

    why do you add salt when cooking pasta? I guarantee if you dont use the salt it will taste the same!

    I might just be being very dense but what I have learned (even from a-level biology) salt increases risk of hypertension, so why would you advise adding salt to almost everything? or is there something about a vegan diet where adding salt compensates for other things?

    I don't want this to sound rude but this is what I understand and I dont understand why you would advocate this!! – if you can explain (which scientific backing) why you are recommending adding unnecessary salt yo your recipes I would be happy to hear 🙂

  10. What size are you in the seamless long sleeve top ?

  11. Alex Green says:

    where u buying pesto at for £1.50, that shit is expensive

  12. Kelsey says:


  13. Bean burgers been my fav thing for few months now – it's the easiest way to trick 2 year old to eat veggies. Plus, so cheap and easy to make! Oh and you're not going to find an old piece of bone in minced beans 😀

    If you feeling adventurous perhaps try making veggie sausages, pretty simple to make and you also use beans in recipe 🙂

  14. Please keep posting these kinds of videos I️ just switched to vegan a couple weeks ago and I️ love seeing health conscious recipe ideas!

  15. Yara A says:

    i feel like grace would get a lot more views if she made her titles shorter and less "busy" if that makes sense

  16. nice shirt. you should collab with avantgardevegan

  17. Emily Clarke says:

    try adding Worcester sauce to the bean mix, it adds great depth of flavor! Caramelising the onions can also add another layer of great flavor and texture

  18. You want me, you get me :'D

  19. Thank you for the video!

  20. Meagan Drake says:

    Does anyone know of any good vegan chocolate??? I've tried Sweet Williams but wasn't really a fan 😭

  21. Kait Miller says:

    Today is my day three of cutting out all meat and dairy!! Not a long time at all, but thank you Grace for giving me the push I needed. I can already tell a difference 😭♥️

  22. Lonedrood says:

    All time 10s uploads "10 ways vegans are ruining the world" just after yours 😂 timing

  23. Laura Marie says:

    SO – TAY the onions…. LOL LOVE YA GRACE <3

  24. Jana Hebel says:

    Next video pls a 10k kcal vegan challenge

  25. Hey, which nutribullet do you have? Xx

  26. Philia Z says:

    I suggest adding some turmeric (if you have that on hand, it adds a nice golden 'scramble' colour) and black salt (also really extra, but adds a 'sulfuric eggy' taste to the tofu) to the tofu scramble! Looks delicious 👌👌

  27. Caro Carrera says:

    Well done, Im happy I discovered you. <3 Cant wait to see more of you. 🙂

  28. YESSS another vegan video!!! I would love to see more like cook with me videos if you would like to film it!!! Xxx 😍😍

  29. Sheree Marie says:

    This was awesome! Do more of these videos for sure! 😃

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