Epic Recipes For Weight Loss Under 390 Calories – Healthy Salmon Meal Prep

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  1. Check out these Macros:
    388 calories per meal
    17 grams of fat per meal
    16.2 grams of carbs per meal
    39.2 grams of protein per meal
    3.6 grams of fiber per meal

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  2. 5clinique says:

    I liked the video before watching it because I love salmon and Bobby is great 🙂

  3. ElliotPRSN says:

    Salmon is so good I that never add any extra flavors to it when I cook it. It is my absolute favourite fish. But I hate that it is so expensive

  4. THE WADS says:

    Wow I want to make this right now!! Totally going to make this tonight!! 🐠 yummm

  5. bciker7 says:

    As always, a great recipe and perfect for a small kitchen. Gonna have to try this really soon.

  6. Omg that looks really good

  7. I don’t like Salmon but this made me drool, so guess I’ll have to try it haha!

  8. Lisa Monica says:

    I am making this!!!!!! Yummmmmmm.

  9. Melissa Paz says:

    Me gusta tu mamera de cosinar que es sensilla y se ve saludable , tienes libro?

  10. Gram Cracker says:

    Your recipes are great, Bobby, but I am a little concerned about using farm-raised salmon. I think I'll use the wild salmon and an egg as binder. You do come up with the most intriguing recipes, and you are fun to watch because of your enthusiasm.

  11. i3abikay says:

    So the fish you're using isn't wild? I thought wild means that it's from the sea and not farmed… I'm confused.

    Of course loving the recipe! Now I know how to use the noodles. Thanks, Bobby!

  12. Love all ur vids and those tshirts rock!! Thanks so much for helping me on my weight loss journey.

  13. i am making your recipes after i come back from india from 3rd and 9th but after i come back i am going to check my emails and comment on your video i love your videos i have made several your recipes all are delicious i just miss your facebook live again yesterday i can watch your facebook live on thursday Thanks Ramya

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