3 Vegan Holiday Recipes Using Tea // Easy & Delicious! ☕️

Today I’m partnering with Rishi Tea to bring you all 3 Vegan, Healthy, & Delicious holiday-inspired recipes…all using tea!
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• Pumpkin Chai Blondies: http://frommybowl.com/pumpkin-chai-blondies/
• Almond & Pu-Erh Cheese Spread: http://frommybowl.com/almond-pu-erh-cheese-spread/
• Mint Hot Chocolate: serves 1 to 2
2 tbsp Rishi Tea’s Peppermint Rooibos + 1 cup water
1 cup plant milk
1/3 cup vegan chocolate
2-3 tsp Maple Syrup (optional, if you want to sweeten more)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of Salt

• My Food Processor: http://amzn.to/2to9jwt
• My Pans: http://amzn.to/2fZNK4i
• Simple Brew: http://bit.ly/2zFprQT
• Rishi Tea’s West Cape Chai: http://bit.ly/2iUUU7J
• Rishi Tea’s Peppermint Rooibos: http://bit.ly/2zCxlek
• Rishi Tea’s Pu-Erh Classic: http://bit.ly/2mqFI7d

* Enter my Instagram giveaway with Rishi Tea here: https://www.instagram.com/frommybowl/

** A note on Pu-Erh Tea = This is a category of tea by itself, just differentiated by either being sheng which translates to raw/green or shu which is fermented. It is not actually a black tea!

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This video is sponsored by Rishi Tea.
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37 Responses

  1. Hey there, friends! If you'd like to save some of these recipes for later, I have them all posted on my Pinterest page as well:

  2. Danger Mouse says:

    you really don't need make-up, it's only going to ruin your skin, but hey your face your choice….. but seriously no 👎 😋

  3. Runaway Germ says:

    Thank you for making the blondies gluten free 🙂

  4. chiu rosanna says:

    The mint chocolate is creative and I would give it a try this weekend.

  5. Blair Murphy says:

    Omg! Def making the hot chocolate

  6. Haley Rose says:

    you look so beautiful in this video!!!

  7. Snipps S says:

    I can only drink herbal tea

  8. Kels Dell says:

    Def making the hot chocolate!

  9. Bruin 681 says:

    I️ just finished making the Blondies and they were SO. DAMN. GOOD.

    Thank you for all your inspirational recipes!!!

  10. peachontopk says:

    i LOVE, understatement, LOVE your makeup!!! can you possibly do a tutorial on it?! it just looks so natural yet so beautiful and elegant. pleaseee!! ❤️❤️

  11. Liz O'Neill says:

    Caitlin you look so good!!! that neck like works so well for your frame UGH you rock girl

  12. Nancy Plants says:

    That cheese seems super easy to make and looks so faaaaaaannnncy. 🙂

  13. I couldnt get the roobios mint tea, but I got some roobios tea and some mint chocolate.

  14. sofia pl says:

    Hi Caitlin! I love your recipes and don't dare to miss a single vid. I've been here since like the first day and I just want to say that with every day that goes by you just get prettier and look happier. It's so inspiring to see this evolution. ILY

  15. Do you reuse the leftover tea leaves, if so how?

  16. Those were great, Id like to see more vegan "cheese" mixtures

  17. I love the idea of using tea for cooking! Is there any way you can use the tea leaves for something else after making the concentrates? Not even necessarily for food, I've just been trying to come up with ways to use brewed tea leaves for a while now and would love to hear your ideas! Great video :~)

  18. nicole osawa says:

    Ur so creative! I love all of ur recipies❤️

  19. I feel out of place with all of the girls in the comments

  20. Anusha K S says:

    Everything looks so good! Gonna try them out. I also wanted to let you know that chai actually means tea. No need to say chai tea. Since they both mean the same 😊 #nohate #justlettingyouknow

  21. Luisa BU says:

    Love these, especially the "cheese"! 🙂 Video request: "my must-have kitchen tools/appliances"!

  22. Wow, they all look great, but I think my honey and I want to make the blondies first.

  23. janiecel says:

    You look fantastic! I’m allergic to nuts (and it’s quite common) so I love seeing delicious seasonal foods without common allergens.

  24. Red suits you so muuchh !

  25. The cheese spread is so creative!

  26. Love the blondie!!! Is blondie a type of American cake???

  27. Lisa K says:

    Caitlin, use the milk frother to froth soy milk for hot drinks (just heat the soy milk in a small pot on the stove, it makes the BEST froth). I love using it to make a nice cappuccino!

  28. I've been looking for a vegan hot chocolate recipe for a while ! Gonna try this ! 🙂

  29. Sarah Seguin says:

    First, did you cut your hair again? It looks great 👍🏻
    Second holy crap these recipes look amazing!!!!!

  30. Lizy Bailey says:

    You’re so dang pretty! But for real I’m looking forward to making this hot chocolate.

  31. Erin says:

    I made a (very) rough version of the blondies with what I had in my kitchen, they still turned out great! Thanks for the inspo 😊

  32. Justine Kwak says:

    That Hot chocolate looks so yum! def. going to try. Drinking hot cocoa as a vegan is always so hard, any recommendations??

  33. GIRL. You're GLOWING in every video nowadays!

  34. Your makeup is on point. Great recipes.

  35. 2016brownie says:

    omfg these all look so good. I want those brownies with the tea

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