5 Egg Recipes For Breakfast Lovers

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35 Responses

  1. El Verona says:

    I like to make omelettes with bell peppers, onions, turkey and shredded cheese. Have to mix it up every once and awhile.

  2. Ladybug says:

    That's hell lot of eggs. I feel bad for em

  3. please add a feature for muslim at the tasty app like if you agree😁

  4. Smiley Heart says:

    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I have it for breakfast lunch and dinner

  5. Queen Fu Fu says:

    Y’all need to bake y’all eggs longer

  6. l Ghost says:

    I love breakfast…

    I hate eggs

  7. mrtn says:

    Who gon take an hour to prepare breakfast?

  8. mrtn says:

    I love breakfast but not enough to make all of this shit

  9. Tita says:

    La segunda receta yo había hecho algo parecido en el microondas 🤨🤨🤨

  10. E Bi says:

    Dont you mean?5 breakfast recipe for egg lovers?

  11. Mr. Aladeen says:

    Are those cup measures done by UK or US cups?

  12. deka360 says:

    Fake recipes, I'm going to create a channel that replicates these recipes and ill prove that they don't work and taste terrible. Hit me up if you want to jump on board and make some money.

  13. This is what I subscribed for…YASSSSSSS

  14. Shouldn't it be "Breakfast recipes for egg lovers" instead? ._.

  15. I likes eggs but I don’t like yoke 😐

  16. Me and my friend followed the recipe for cloud eggs and it turned out so beautiful but it was so salty so we had to throw it away

  17. eggseptional …. i just wanted to comment that …. ok bai

  18. I love egg recipes they are delicious and cheap. 30 eggs cost me around 2 dollars

  19. Carlyxoxlol says:

    Who has time to do these in the morning.

  20. ellize1998 says:

    Is this the shopping music from the sims 2 pets on gameboy?

  21. rainy says:

    Egg recipes for breakfast lovers?
    Don't you mean
    Br-egg-fast recipes for egg lovers?

  22. H Hi says:

    I’m vegan. Why am I here

  23. Kronk says:

    Threw out bacon fat and just replaced it with more oil. This dumb bitch.

  24. Katy Castro says:

    Anybody got time for that

  25. Spedz RL says:

    more like 5 breakfast recipes for egg lovers

  26. I want all of these right now

  27. How To Make Cereal:

    – cereal
    – milk
    – bowl
    Mix everything together done!


  29. Ain't nobody got time for that!

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