6 3-Ingredient Breakfasts

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  1. Hello World says:

    Forgot I was watching a recipe video and started listening to the music.

  2. This person must've really liked banana…

  3. LampLight says:

    Damn it, I’m allergic to bananas and avocado

  4. Loved it do more videos I’m never creative when it comes to what to eat

  5. x99 says:

    2:20 That's not 3 ingredients. Bananas, "Nut butter of choice", cocoa powder, and blueberries. Not to mention the first recipe isn't even breakfast it's just something you use in another recipe. Tasty you can be so fucking lazy sometimes, there are people who make daily uploads all on their own, yet you need a staff of dozens of people and you still can't fucking learn how to stop being clickbait and lazy.

  6. i waited "oh yes" at the end

  7. this is 6 banana ingredient breakfasts

  8. Omg can you make something without bananas? I hate them

  9. nobul says:

    Waittt there's no guys moaning sounds anymore though i prepared to turn down the volume

  10. Foxtrot says:

    They literally used 24 bananas for this video.

  11. I make my own nut butter

  12. The music is so chill. I definitely can enjoy a meal with this lol.

  13. Imogen Symes says:

    Avocado banana and chocolate milk. Smoothie 🤮🤮🤮

  14. HAYA ARCH says:

    I liked for the music.

  15. vavavoom111Q says:

    That banana oat smoothie – just add some more oats, a pinch of baking powder and bake it as pancakes. If you use bananas with brown spots, it will be quite sweet

  16. thot patrol says:

    LMAO “banana pancakes”, that shit is gonna taste like eggy bananas. Gross.

  17. It sucks im hella allergic to bananas

  18. bacon, eggs & toast anybody?

  19. Any body know the name of this song TELL ME NOW

  20. faiza farooq says:

    6 3-ingredient banana breakfast ideas* thats wut this shpuld be named

  21. team 8 says:

    Sub me I will sub you back just write subbed

  22. I have never met anyone in my entire life who has had nine bananas in their house at the same time

  23. Who were mouth watering throughout the video

  24. Sneha Singh says:

    Avocado+banana+chocolate = my puke

  25. wnx enxi says:

    When people on other videos from the same channel : do something without cheese

    People I'm this video : do something without banana for goodness sake

  26. Matt Lucena says:

    Liked and subscribed

  27. Fukato Chan says:

    I don't wanna waste my time making cloud bread cz i know it'll be storm bread instead😂😂😂

  28. Muffinsss anyone here is a mendesarmy?

  29. Espy Bounce says:

    Y'all using raw ass bananas feels like a punch in the gut

  30. Kathu lachu says:

    Please upload mote videos in 39 minutes please because i love all your videos please😊😊😢😢😢

  31. Ari says:

    This beat fire tho 👌

  32. Nic Guthrie says:

    Those 3 ingredient banana pancakes are absolutely vile. Would not recommend.

  33. ooo ooo says:

    I actually the video is about a recipe of Sixty Three Ingredients.

  34. Man I'm really full right now. I don't know why I'm watching this

  35. Enough with the damn compliations!

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