Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe! | Quick & Easy cooking

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  1. Denise L says:

    How do you stay skinny eating like that?? Looks yummy!!

  2. Micki A says:

    Why am I so entertained by watching your family?? Thanks for sharing your life with us! I do the sugar in my tomato sauce too. 🤗

  3. Your eyes are so pretty – maybe you could do a tutorial – love the recipe and all your quirky comments, so funny – cheers from Toronto

  4. Amanda Clark says:

    Sugar does wonders lol

  5. easiest chicken parm…put cut up boneless skinless chicken in baking pan, top with spaghetti sauce, cover and bake @350 for 30 mins, put some grated mozerella cheese on top of chicken and bake uncovered about 10 more minutes. Serve with noodles and salad. Its a crowd pleaser in my home.

  6. Lorraine Cyr says:

    I love the half and half suggestion, never would have thought of that. I will use a chunk of cream cheese for the same effect.. but sometimes i dont have cream cheese 🙂

  7. The FDA makes all packaged foods have expiration dates. The only expiration dates I semi-follow is for milk. I will use it up to 3 days past the expiration date, then I'll unload it. Everything else is fine…even many years later.

  8. Tara Leon says:

    That was awesome!!! Can't wait to try it!!

  9. Ooooh!! Looks good. Thanks for sharing!!:)

  10. OurDestiny ! says:

    This looks really good….thanks for sharing

  11. Omg I love this. I am a new subscriber and I love your channel. Are you doing vlogmas this year with your family?

  12. I expected you to count out each pasta noodle for the kids like on your TLC Extreme Cheapskates episode 😂😂
    6 noodles for you… 10 noodles for you lol

  13. Off topic.. I told my dr I wanted my testosterone tested and she laughed at me 🙁 I cried in my car

  14. Kim Cook says:

    Taco Tuesday! Lol!

  15. This looks fantastic…sorry this is a bit off topic, could you do a video of when you go get your nails done…and the different nails you have had in the past Jordan?

  16. Coupon Star says:

    I love your apron!!!

  17. Laura Fulks says:

    I’ve seen you refer to those pre-cooked and breaded chicken tenders before but I can never find them on zaycons website!! Help!

  18. Love you. You so cook like me. I have 7 kiddos and we cook the same when we need food! Hope you have a great week friend! We live in NC and thanks for all your help!

  19. Karine Ong says:

    Hi, show us your garden pls

  20. Salad dressing recipe please

  21. Sonoma Mia says:

    I stopped using mozzarella and started only using Monterrey Jack to top casseroles. Melts better not rubbery. Luv u guys 🙂

  22. Ashley Emma says:

    Yay the music from your Italy travel vlog! Good stuff

  23. Ashley Emma says:

    Oh I like to add cream cheese to my pasta sauce. Makes it super yummy!

  24. Ashley Emma says:


  25. OMG, you're just like my mom. Lol
    She has food from 2008. Lol

  26. happy Thanksgiving week, Jordan!

  27. Jordan, can you do a collab with The Ohana Adventure and appear on Monday Night Live?

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