Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe! | Quick & Easy cooking

Sorry guys this was supposed to go live Thursday but my scheduler didn’t work! Oh well, better late than never, right??
Y’all have been asking for more quick and easy dinner/recipe ideas, so here’s another for you! This took me just a few minutes to toss together, using ingredients I already had on-hand. My family loved it! Here are some links that might be helpful:
Zaycon chicken:
My other favorite recipes:

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32 Responses

  1. Denise L says:

    How do you stay skinny eating like that?? Looks yummy!!

  2. Micki A says:

    Why am I so entertained by watching your family?? Thanks for sharing your life with us! I do the sugar in my tomato sauce too. 🤗

  3. Your eyes are so pretty – maybe you could do a tutorial – love the recipe and all your quirky comments, so funny – cheers from Toronto

  4. Amanda Clark says:

    Sugar does wonders lol

  5. easiest chicken parm…put cut up boneless skinless chicken in baking pan, top with spaghetti sauce, cover and bake @350 for 30 mins, put some grated mozerella cheese on top of chicken and bake uncovered about 10 more minutes. Serve with noodles and salad. Its a crowd pleaser in my home.

  6. Lorraine Cyr says:

    I love the half and half suggestion, never would have thought of that. I will use a chunk of cream cheese for the same effect.. but sometimes i dont have cream cheese 🙂

  7. The FDA makes all packaged foods have expiration dates. The only expiration dates I semi-follow is for milk. I will use it up to 3 days past the expiration date, then I'll unload it. Everything else is fine…even many years later.

  8. Tara Leon says:

    That was awesome!!! Can't wait to try it!!

  9. Ooooh!! Looks good. Thanks for sharing!!:)

  10. OurDestiny ! says:

    This looks really good….thanks for sharing

  11. Omg I love this. I am a new subscriber and I love your channel. Are you doing vlogmas this year with your family?

  12. I expected you to count out each pasta noodle for the kids like on your TLC Extreme Cheapskates episode 😂😂
    6 noodles for you… 10 noodles for you lol

  13. Off topic.. I told my dr I wanted my testosterone tested and she laughed at me 🙁 I cried in my car

  14. Kim Cook says:

    Taco Tuesday! Lol!

  15. This looks fantastic…sorry this is a bit off topic, could you do a video of when you go get your nails done…and the different nails you have had in the past Jordan?

  16. Coupon Star says:

    I love your apron!!!

  17. Laura Fulks says:

    I’ve seen you refer to those pre-cooked and breaded chicken tenders before but I can never find them on zaycons website!! Help!

  18. Love you. You so cook like me. I have 7 kiddos and we cook the same when we need food! Hope you have a great week friend! We live in NC and thanks for all your help!

  19. Karine Ong says:

    Hi, show us your garden pls

  20. Salad dressing recipe please

  21. Sonoma Mia says:

    I stopped using mozzarella and started only using Monterrey Jack to top casseroles. Melts better not rubbery. Luv u guys 🙂

  22. Ashley Emma says:

    Yay the music from your Italy travel vlog! Good stuff

  23. Ashley Emma says:

    Oh I like to add cream cheese to my pasta sauce. Makes it super yummy!

  24. Ashley Emma says:


  25. OMG, you're just like my mom. Lol
    She has food from 2008. Lol

  26. happy Thanksgiving week, Jordan!

  27. Jordan, can you do a collab with The Ohana Adventure and appear on Monday Night Live?

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