Breakfast Bread Roll Or Bread Bun Recipe, Soft ,Spongy Bread Roll Milk Bread buns Recipe,Bread Roll

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  1. سلام عالی است تشکر

  2. Najma Waghoo says:

    Oven ko kitni der preheat karna hai aur kitni degree par

  3. HTC Noori says:

    تشكر جكرككككككم بسيار خوش شدم كه نان تيار كردي زياد خوش داشتم خوديم تيار كنم بازهم تشكر

  4. سلام خواه‍رعزيز بسيارعالی موفق باشی

  5. Assalamwlaikoum sis.pleasure to look n make your recipe .thank u definetly I will try it Allah bless u with your great job ameen. Keep it up👍💞

  6. Sozs R says:

    ﺑﺴﻴﺎﺭ ﻋﺎﻟﻲ.

  7. Adam Ghost says:


  8. Maradie Am says:

    چی عالی 😋😋😋تنکس

  9. Said says:

    I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing your great recipes with us. 👌

  10. Said says:

    حرف ندارد کاری تان مثلی همیش 👍👍👍

  11. Tanya M says:

    Making it right now

  12. تشکر بسیار عالی

  13. Very nice
    I always wonder how to get that shape I now see thanks

  14. Can I stuff ground beef mince cooked in it and make buns and bake ?

  15. Vijaya Foods says:

    bread bun recipe is too good🌺🌺🌺👌

  16. lovely 143 says:

    سلام خواهر عزیز باز هم بسیار عالی .

  17. s Nadir Ali says:

    Very nice and gooddddd

  18. بسیار عالی موفق باشی

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