Healthy Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss – Indian Vegetarian Low Fat/Low Calorie Recipes For Dinner

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15 Responses

  1. Divya gopi says:

    thank u so much mam….. awaiting video please make at least 4 lunch recipe mam!!!

  2. First time i heard turmeric pickle nisha…in my place we useed to use as powder form…i really wondered n its grateful…i liked it much more

  3. paiyan ponnu says:

    Nice dear y don't u share some millets recipes as millets also contains many nutritional values

  4. Thank you so much. Very helpful. Have a great day☀☀☀. Love❤😘💞😍 you

  5. Thank you so much nisha dear…can i add green moongdal…n one more question…which quantity can i take daily ofvyour turmeric pickle

  6. Smitha C P says:

    🙏🙏 thank u akka

  7. Thanks a lot didi for sharing

  8. g shoba rani says:

    Haii…. very quick recipe mam tq , it looks soo yammmi

  9. pcos people can take it or can we use brown rice also while replacing quinoe sometimes for a change

  10. Wow mam…. Thank u so much

  11. Ayngaree Raj says:

    Thanks again akka…its looks so
    Yummy. is it safe eating quinoa daily?

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