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  1. Will you do a video using cauliflower different ways?:) pizza crust, as rice, “tater tots” and any other ways you use it? 😊 you’re so creative I’d love to see your take on it

  2. Everything looks delish as per usual 😊 I love adding nutritional yeast with my pop corn and cayenne so yum. Those molds are so cute!

  3. I'm a big fan of your channel! Could you maybe do a Q&A or a "Facts about me" video, so we can get to know you a little better?

  4. Wow those gummies look like they came out of a store

  5. Derya Sen says:

    In your videos music is so loud, but your voice is so faint 🙁

  6. You have the BEST recipe vids!!

  7. Raquel F says:

    I recently found your channel a month ago and have been going through your channel one by one catching up on all your old vids! Im obsessed with your creative, healthy recipes ! Even got a list going of ingredients you mention that I need to go buy!

  8. Loved the video! The gummy bears were SO cute!! 🙂 The Oreos and Queso looks amazingly delicious! 😋 😍

  9. Have you ever made dairy free queso with cashews?

  10. Sara Morales says:

    Hey! You’re recipes are great and original, but I think that a different edition will take the videos to the next level.

  11. Ive been mia finally catching up looks yummy

  12. What does coconut butter taste like? I’m curious to try it..

  13. Please make healthy food videos that help gain weight

  14. rola beauty says:

    Who else leave a another video for Liv😍

  15. Nice recipes all around.

  16. Brittany T says:

    Hey!💜 I know that you are busy scrolling through the comments, but just needed to tell you: You’re beautiful and unique!💫 Have a great day, and enjoy the comment section!😂❤️

  17. HEY GUYS! Thanks for watching my video, I appreciate each of you 💗 Hope you enjoy these recipes and don't forget to show me if you do! Come say hi on insta 😊I love chatting and you can always DM me any healthy/wellness questions you have!

  18. Brittany T says:

    Always love ur videos! 💓 Definitely going to try these recipes😚💫

  19. Ria Ferreira says:

    love your vids soo inspiring

  20. Notification Squad!!!!

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