3 Breakfast Recipes | Non Fried Easy Breakfast Recipes | Easy, Simple and Tasty Recipes

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20 Responses

  1. shazia jahan says:

    thank you, will give it a try for kiddos lunch…

  2. vala charmi says:

    Very nic diii…. Tasty tasty… 😋😋

  3. Kiran Sharma says:

    Awesome superb recipes thanks for sharing

  4. vry nice.. easy one.. thanks for postin.. u explain slow n clearly.. mke more videos

  5. anjali Vyas says:

    Nice nice nice nice Nice

  6. Charmi Soni says:

    Tysm mam ol 3 recipes r vry esy n quicky for my sons lunch box tx for shrng wid us

  7. तिनो रेसिपी एकदम बढीया

  8. Uttapam k liye agar moti wali suji le to kya shi nhi banega….

  9. Very nice super ultimate n easy to cook

  10. wow nice yummy i love the recipe thank you dear shilpi ji ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

  11. Anil Nissi says:

    How to make mozzarella cheese tell me please

  12. Very yummy
    Your voice is very sweet
    Plz give me pizza and pasta sauce recepi

  13. Uttapam is awesome dear..thank u so much

  14. ur second receipee ws awsmm

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